TRANSformational: Sacred Queer Gender Magic

Tai KulystinTRANSformational: Sacred Queer Gender Magic
with Tai Fenix Kulystin

This gathering is dedicated to all those of trans experience, which could include identities such as: transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, non-binary, agender, multigender, gender fluid, and so many more it is impossible to have an exhaustive list. In the effort of holding a safer sacred space we request that you only attend if you are of these identities. I will be using trans as a catch-all term for the multitude of genders within the description below.

Our bodies exist at the intersection of earth and sky. All bodies are sacred; all beings are sacred; all genders are sacred. As trans people, we experience that sacred gender in a way that is unique and often not celebrated in the world. Although there are sacred representations of transness throughout mythology, human history, and spirituality, we have not been celebrated or often even recognized within the (declining) Western paradigm.

Trans genders are sacred and there is a sacred place in the world for us. As a culture, we are on the precipice of transformation and we as trans people have a role to play. As we shift into a new paradigm, new mythology, and new consciousness, we are assisting the shift by being in this world and working to bust open restrictive notions of gender, no matter where on or off the binary we fit.

Our time together will be spent connecting and communing with ourselves, each other, and nature. We will co-create together the experience that we want to have, which could include discussion, movement, cuddling, or something else entirely.

Note: Tai Fenix Kulystin is a queer fat fem trans genderqueer person of European descent.