Self Pleasuring Sex Magic with Sarabell Eisenfeld

Self Pleasuring Sex Magic Ritual 

with Sarabell Eisenfeld

Embody your own flesh and skin & bones. Bring your focus in to the center of your own touch, your breath, your pleasure, your magic.

In a circle we gather, as one and many; we generate and declare personal intentions…
We then begin our personal journeys, using breath, movement, sound and awareness as our personal pleasure power tools.
In the presence of community, feel your permission to focus on yourself, your body’s own sensation, inspiration, and delight… generating for ourselves the arousal and embodiment we desire in the moment.

And with our passion and our will, we guide that arousal to charge our declared intentions. Magic.
We use “soft eyes” to keep our focus self-centered. We each explicitly tend our own erotic home.
And we do it in a circle, together.

Location: Aphrodite Pandemos Temple
Please note: This will be a closed container. Arrive early or on time. Limited by space to 22 people.
Bring: Material to make your personal nest (i.e. towels, cloth, etc.), altar item, journal/sketchpad and pen.

Optional: hand-held mirror, sex toys

Sarabell is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, a Living Love Revolution Aphrodite Temple Priestess, a lifelong Jew*Witch, and a self-pleasuring enthusiast.