Surrender Story: Mary Mermaidia

MeSurrenderWOW WOW WOW! Surrender 2015 was the most amazing 6 days! I thought I was going to a camp-out.
It was so much more… a life experience I will NEVER forget.

I felt such growth within myself through my daily pathwork: Ecosex & Creativity. A deep purge from the core of my being, that I didn’t quite understand, flooded out the first day. The second day I was able to explore and process these feelings. By the third day, I felt fully integrated with my higher self. I even made love to a tree!

Then there was all the other fun stuff going on every day, all the time. The singing & ritual, the smiling, the hugs, nakedness, sex sounds in the forest, great food eaten in community, clothing exchange, connecting, making art, music & dancing, sharing, the workshops, story telling. The LOVE. Feeling like everyone there is a dear friend.

I even had the opportunity to facilitate a woman’s snuggle in the forest. It was so natural and progressed so organically beautiful. We reveled in our sister spirits.  I am honored to be asked to do it again this year, as well as a ‘Frolic in the Forest’ on Saturday night, where anyone who wants can participate.

Surrender is one of the highlights of my summer. I will be back EVERY year!

Mary Mermaidia


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