Workshops 2017

image2(1)Wild Writing

with Silky

Create a new relationship with writing. Writing born from sensuousness. Writing that comes through you, a part of all that is around you. Writing that is the bridge between you and all things. This workshop will allow you to dance with your inner wild writer and is ideal for anyone at any place in their writing journey. Come and offer your experience and learn from others. We will start with a discussion about the power of writing, stories of when nature has written “through” you, and will share some inspirational texts to spark your creativity. We will also invoke a spell that invites you to connect your sexuality, erotic energy, sensuousness, creativity, and wildness. Following group discussion, you will be alone in the forest to surrender to your wild writer. Windward is a unique place to bridge the silence between your wildness and sacred land. To close the workshop, we will create a supportive container for sharing. Listeners will be encouraged to share the physical sensations experienced while the writer shared their work.

Benjamin_PixieArtemis & Pan: Feeding the Gods of the Wild

with Benjamin Pixie

Civilization, domestication, monoculture, monotheism & modern technology are paving over the wilds of the human psyche & of this world at an unbelievable rate: and yet the true power of the wilds of this world and of our inner landscapes remain vast, rich, fertile and teeming with herds of wild beasts mythical & poetic, powerful & wild.

Come and celebrate what is untameable and unstoppable- the beating green heart running in the veins of all root legged, all with fur & fins, feathers and per frontal cortexes alike with the Divinty of Our Lady of the Hunt & the Lord of Wild Mountains and Rustic Music.

Luna Portrait V (email-res)-1Pleasure, Plants & Power

with Luna Dietrich

Do you want to feel more pleasure in each moment? Care to dive deeper into your own unique sexual essence? Owning your desires is ONE foundation for LIBERATION. The intention of this class is to help disentangle your You from the Patriarchal Culture we are all exposed to and oppressed by, so you can re-wild and recalibrate to your truest desires. We will create a safe space and brave space where you can listen to your natural passions and be honest with yourSelves. Coming from gratitude, there will be an invitation to honor your birth place from PUSSY and the EARTH. Tantric exercises, to rise up out of our bodies into connection with ALL and then drop back into embodiment of your individual sensuality. There will be meditation, visualization, writing exercises, and the flower arousal of plant allies to help guide you home to your blissFULL human passion.

From Roots to Shoots: The Sex-Positive foundations of EcoSexuality in Cascadia

Allena Smilewith Allena Gabosch & Teri Ciacchi

Sex Positivity, Kink, Polyamory, BDSM, LGBTQIA2S, Goddess spirituality, witchcraft, and now, EcoSexuality. It is pretty weird out here on the West coast of America. How do “Identity politics” and the history of these movements and underground subcultures create social evolution? Allena and Teri will talk about their personal experiences as members of these subcultures and social matrixes of some of the underground movements that nurtured and set the foundations for EcoSexuality, allowing it to become an identity and embodied culture in Cascadia. We will place special emphasis on the importance of intergenerational work, how to both interweave skills and share power vertically from the 50-60 year old roots of the tree to the budding shoots in their 20’s and 30’s. Allena Gabosch was the founding diTerirector of the Center for Sex Positive Culture from 1999 until 2016. Teri Ciacchi was mentored by Allena from from 2000-2012 and given a venue and coaching for her own teachings. Teri Ciacchi has mentored Lindsay Hagamen and a majority of the organizing team members of Surrender. The existence of the Center for Sex Positive Culture and the support of this generous pay it forward leadership style have made Surrender The EcoSex Convergence possible.

Return to the Forest

with Greg Hill

Enter the forest to unite with community to embark on a journey of healing and pleasure. Together, we bring light to our relationship with our sexuality and our lover Earth. This journey introduces us to an experiential movement practice and examination focused on heightening our awareness of impact of our unconscious on creating pain and isolation in our lives. Through healing, we feel safely held, balanced, and connected to our source of creative energy: our sexuality. We begin this path of healing by connecting to the positive feminine and masculine qualities that exist within each of us. We will stimulate our awareness of others by getting in touch with the positive feminine energy of connecting. We re-awaken the positive masculine energies of supporting and containing within each of us to lovingly hold ourselves and others. We will learn to examine our Interactions with our lover Earth and experience open, respectful, and joyful connection with our human lovers. We emerge feeling more alive, connected, and filled with pleasure for life and union with others.

MahkahLEcstatic Awakening Meditation

with Kriyanna Feyalove & Mahkah Das

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation (EAM) is a practice based upon tantric techniques that help you get into a state of feeling good from a place of not feeling good. From there it can take you even further, into great states of bliss and pleasure. This practice is an easy and quick way help you connect with your personal emotional guidance system that lives within you. During this class you will receive teachings on ::: *The Three Golden Keys of EAM *The EAM Golden Tool Belt – for anyone, anywhere, anytime *Becoming a Magnet for Prosperity through Toroidal Activation *Kundalini Awakening, DNA Activation – How to get into the Vortex

kriyannaEcstatic Awakening Yoga

with Kriyanna Feyalove & Mahkah Das

This an alignment based Hatha Yoga asana class that encourages radical self expression. You will be allowed to express the sensations and feelings in your body thorough movement and sound including shaking, animal noises and much more! This promotes ultimate healing and spiritual awakening in a playful and powerful way.

In this 2 hour Ecstatic Awakening Yoga (EAY) experience we will begin with sharing the basic tools for Ecstatic Awakening Meditation: The 3 Golden Keys and The Golden Tool Belt. The group will have an opportunity to practice these techniques before the asana practice begins. The intention is to bring back some aspects of yoga which have been lost in the West through an overemphasis on physical practice. Yoga is meant to assist in a deep spiritual awakening of kundalini energy (being in the vortex). This is exactly what EAY assists us with. During the physical practice, we will be holding traditional Hatha yoga poses for a minute or more. By holding yoga poses for a length of time, we will build up tapas (internal heat) which aids in healing and expansion of our mental, physical, and emotional body. After each pose you will be given time and space to express the sensations of the energy you are feeling moving through your body. You will be greatly encouraged to express what you are feeling through shaking, making sounds, animal noises, dancing, crying, screaming, laughing, tapping, sweeping, or any other form of expression that feels good to you. This is an ultimate way of healing your entire energy body to make room for all that you desire in your life. It is playful, empowering , and deeply healing.

FB_IMG_1483344228218Eco-Erotic Polarity  

with Gaia Surya

In this playshop, we will claim ourselves as dance floors for the erotic meeting of gods and goddesses. Through movement play, sacred theater, and authentic relating, we will tune into the connected sensuality of the feminine and the joyful reverence of the masculine. This is a dynamic polarity that weaves through all beings, and we will play with both sides of it without letting it define us.

When the river and the riverbank dance in a nourishing, empowered, and loving way…what does it feel like in our bodies? As a group, we will deepen our participation in this erotic partnership, in service of supporting and enjoying ourselves, each other, and all of life more. We will practice grounding our vulnerability, feeling our power as channels of sensuality, and actively receiving the nourishment of our relationships.

This work is intended to widen our access to kinky reverence, compassionate communion, attuned discernment, and sensual flow.