Ritual Team

Adele Surrender Ritual Team PicAdele Jerista is delighted to integrate her magickal background and theatrical talents on the Ritual Team this year at Surrender.

Last year, Adele was a co-facilitator for the Elements of Magick path, as well as the presenter of the plenary workshop, Conscious Touch and Communication 101.  In 2014, she was the songstress for the Water path.

Adele studied magick and healing from an ancient mystery school for many years, and is currently engrossed in the transformational powers of heart-centered intimacy.  She has served as a devotee for The Living Love Revolution’s Aphrodite Temples, was ordained as a priestess in the Madonna Ministry, and has worked intensively with Tantra Teacher David Cates.  She is in private practice as a Sacred Intimate, and offers workshops on embodied consent.

Jonna Michaela Court_picMichaela studied and trained extensively in Western esoteric tradition, North American shamanism, Christian mysticism, and Eastern energetic practices. Her initiations and empowerment from the various systems allowed her to be prepared for the Priestess path when Lilith called. Working very closely with the Goddess, Michaela is co-creating avenues for people to go deeper with the work, helping to create harmony and co-habitation for all the races of Earth.

Michaela’s earliest memories are filled with seeing and encountering the elementals, her brothers and sisters. As she grew older, she began deeper exploration with contact, communication, and connection, both on the astral plane and in the physical realm. After decades of journeys throughout the NW and Western US, her non-human friends began to request she bring others with her to share in the experience, training and teaching how to connect deeply. With storytelling coming easily, she told of her experiences and the call to collaborate with these amazing beings, attuning their energy frequency to enhance connection.

C0002.MP4.00_20_01_25.Still001 osprey 2Osprey is a healer, singer-songwriter, and facilitator. They hold a space of love, compassion, and presence to help others open to vulnerability, discover their power, find their voice, and embody their truth. Osprey’s work includes shamanism and earth-based spirituality, uplifting music, and consensual touch.

Osprey was first introduced to earth-based spirituality in 2009 at a time when they were seeking support and connection. They found community with humans and non-humans alike as they sang in sweat-lodges and learned how to shamanic journey. In 2014, Osprey discovered Surrender: the Ecosex Convergence, where consensual touch empowered them to ground their spirituality, and brought them firmly into their body.

Osprey’s voice blossomed to reveal songs that mattered, that inspired others to heal, trust, and find freedom. Previously unsure of their work in the world and doubtful of their ability to make an impact, Osprey was delighted to see their songs travel and take on new life. The songs are now sung at grief rituals, in song circles, at rites of passage and continue to spread their wings in communities across the US and the world. Visit ospreyhealing.com to listen.   
Osprey grew up in Fairfield, Iowa and now lives in Eugene, Oregon.