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Accueil Numéros volume 19 numéro 3 Modèle de critères prenant en com Cependant, ces ressources sont menacées par la réalisation de nombreux ports minéraliers. Pour contribuer au processus décisionnel, cet article propose un modèle de critères prenant en compte la biodiversité halieutique dans la planification des ports en Guinée. The Guinean coastline is characterized by the presence of km of coast, mangroves, marine protected areas and significant halieutic biodiversity. It is the site of various socio-economic activities, including the exploitation of fisheries resources. However, these resources are threatened by the development of many mineral ports. This situation is likely to cause serious damage to halieutic biodiversity in the absence of an adequate model for assessing their effects to make an informed choice of an environmentally friendly management scenario.


Coastal Erosion in Louisiana is the process of steady depletion of wetlands along the state's coastline in marshes , swamps , and barrier islands , particularly affecting the alluvial basin surrounding the mouth of the Mississippi Attacher at the foot of the Gulf of Mexico on the Eastern half of the state's coast. In the last century, Southeast Louisiana has lost a large portion of its wetlands and is expected to lose more in the coming years, with some estimates claiming wetland losses equivalent to up to 1 football field per hour. One consequence of coastal erosion is an increased vulnerability to cyclone storm surges , which affects the New Orleans metropolitan area and other communities in the region. The state has outlined a comprehensive master dessin for coastal restoration and has begun to implement various restoration projects such as fresh water diversions, but évident zones will have to be prioritized and targeted for restoration efforts, aigle it is unlikely that all depleted wetlands can be rehabilitated. The process of coastal erosion is the result of various factors, including sea level rise , the loss of deposition of sediments to the Mississippi Attacher delta , and the consequent constant flooding of marshes, wetlands, and neighboring areas along the Louisiana coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Contributing factors include the blockage of traditionally occurring deposits of fresh water and silt from the river caused by man-made levees which have been built up and down most of the attacher over the last century, which now impede the river's ability to replenish its southernmost alluvial plains which are constantly dependent on the infusion of the river's once plentiful deposits which usually occurred during annual high alumnat floods in the springtime, the kind of which the river-levees now serve to buffer against for the tutelle of residents, livestock, and property residing in regions adjacent to the attacher throughout the Mississippi River valley. The deterioration results in the death of fresh and brackish water plants historically part of the ecosystem, which are not only a vital feature of the wetlands' topography, but also serve to capture silt, and thus are needed to build up and sustain marsh structures.

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