Call for Path Proposals 2017

For the first time this year, we are accepting applications for path proposals for the EcoSex Convergence 2017.  6be888_8d4aa3b9b70148be9053abd107912d69~mv2_d_3000_2000_s_2

Pathwork at the EcoSex Convergence offers participants a small group initiatory experience, an opportunity to get to know fellow ecosexuals more in depth, and the chance to practice skills in Earth-loving. Path leaders are responsible for preparing and delivering ecosexual coursework for two hour sessions on 3 distinct days. Pathwork is intended to integrate head and heart skills with embodied practices and to leave participants with tangible steps they can take to courageously live and love for the Earth. Pathwork is often the most memorable part of participants’ experience at the Convergence!

Click here to read more about pathwork requirements and to submit an application.