I’m a 5’11.75″ American male with a genealogy tracing back to the tribes of Doggerland. My ancestors survived the flooding of their verdant marshland by following the saber-toothed cat inland. The genome collected influences from across Europe, but stayed true to its water loving origins when we developed one of the premier boat building dry docks in Rotterdamn, Netherlands. After cuddling pet orangutans in Indonesia and escaping WWII with a sack of gold we settled in a log cabin nestled among the mercilessly majestic peaks of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

I am the most recent mutation in this long tapestry of interwoven genetic threads, and am dedicated daily to propagating my social mutation of inclusive love throughout the consciousness of Gaia. A euphoric expression of inclusive love has been facilitating consent based group love parties at my artist living cooperative, the Unicorn Castle. Life is better if everybody cums!

For me, Ecosexuality is a temporary spiritual path, a placebo to be used, until true emptiness is understood. Temporary may be many life-times or a few seconds, but time is irrelevant to my conviction to traveling this Ecosexual spiritual path. Ask me about ethical non-monogamy, entomophagy, and intentional communities!