Shanya Luther (Torch)

torchShanya Luther, M.Div., is a social-sexual ecologist. She writes, speaks and conducts trainings about all facets of human sexuality, emphasizing relational integrity, justice, and reconciliation. She also facilitates events, teaches trainings, and offers workshops and classes specializing in body image, vibrant relationships, conscious touch and much more! Currently, her focus is teaching about Sexual Integrity and Conscious Touch.

Shanya holds a bachelor’s degree in Family Counseling, Child-Adolescent Development, and Women’s Studies; a Master of Divinity degree; and a certificate in Human Sexuality. She continues to study art, movement therapies, interpersonal relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Shanya owns and operates Among Friends in Portland, Oregon; offering social-sexual behavior supports and coaching individuals and couples. Her latest passion project is creating a Snuggle Mobile to teach healthy relationship and communication skills.