Priya Kendrick

Priya KendrickPriya Kendrick is a dynamic, loving, deeply spiritual woman who puts her heart and soul into creating community wherever she lives. She is the sole proprietor of “Relax!” massage therapy and has mastered many forms of body work and numerous healing modalities, including Reiki. She provides holistic healing and deep relaxation to her clients. During her 2+ decades in Seattle, she became the Arch Druid of Emerald Grove, part of the New Reformed Druids of North America. As Arch Druid she led 8 rituals a year for 15 years and trained and initiated many others. She trained with the Human Awareness Institute and created Heart Play gatherings for two years in Seattle. Dance and music have always been a primary form of self expression for Priya and her close friends have delightedly enjoyed her original folk music, belly dance and ritual productions. She moved to the Columbia Gorge area in 2012 and just keeps on growing. She has established a women’s support group for handling the transitions of life and started the White Oak Grove Druid Circle in White Salmon. Her passion is connection. Connection with Nature, with People, with Life.


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