Megan Pedone

Megan PedoneKnown for her ready, warm smile and her strong soothing touch, Megan Pedone is a beloved received her massage certificate from Ashmead in 2004 and began her private practice with her husband Demian 2015. They are the proud parents of two amazing and magical children. Together they tend a small plot of land in Vancouver, WA. Megan is always focused on personal growth and expansion for herself and her clients. She developed skills for working with Clients who have ALS and other chronic and dengenerative illnesses in 2012. Last year she added doTerra Aromatouch aromatherapy training to her massages. She is currently learning QiGong, breathwork and massage methods.

Megan joins the Surrender Hearts & Hands peer counseling team after completing Cascadia Holistic Peer Counseling class for a second time, as a teaching assistant in 2017. She began her spiritual mentee relationship with Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution in August 2016 after attending two LLR Aphrodite Temples. She has completed all the beginning LLR courses and plans to begin teaching consent workshops and rites of passage rituals for children and teens in 2018.

When she is not doing massage, parenting, peer counseling or continuing education, Megan finds her Ecosexual self expression blossoms best while hiking in the woods, lying near bodies of water and listening to the land with an open heart.