Madeline Adams

Madeline AdamsReverend Madeline Adams is an old soul with a young heart. People who have met her only once run up to her on the street and leap into her arms for her legendary hugs (with her consent of course) or shout out “Maddie!”, “Sacred whore!”, or “Dirty queer!” in greeting.

People feel safe, loved, and deeply witnessed in Maddie’s presence. As a healer, Maddie uses Qi Gong and other modalities to help clients transform trauma, illness, and injury. As a ritualist, Maddie works with clients and groups, lending her empathic, poetic, and spiritual skills to co-create unique rituals for healing, community building, or rites of passage. She is an intuitive painter and oracular poet.

As a child she spent every hour she could in nature, talking to the plants and animals, and learning to listen deeply. She was a Boy Scout and a missionary. While at Princeton University, she studied East Asian language and philosophy. She serves on the board for Princeton’s LGBT foundation. She contributes her time and creativity to local communities in artistic, feminist, queer, and spiritual circles. Trained in CPR, first aid, mountain rescue, meditation, magic, and peer counseling, Maddie regularly dances naked in the woods.

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