Kevin Haggarty

Kevin Haggerty At the age of 2 years and 10 months, Kevin Haggarty died (blunt force trauma to the head), went to the Other Side, and was told he would have to go back. That’s what they said, in their speechless, infinitely kind way: “You need to go back.” Seems he wasn’t done with Life on Earth. His tiny self was heartbroken. He cried, and cried. Waking up in a hospital bed, after what appeared to his parents and the staff of the hospital to be a three day coma, Kevin became aware of helpers, angels, communicating with him, comforting him. When they told him he’d have to go back to Life on Earth, he had no idea they’d be coming with him! He discovered that he knew things without being shown, knew things would happen before they did, knew when people were lying to him as if a loud game show buzzer had gone off at their words.

Kevin leads workshops now on Befriending the Self, Using Graphic Art to Shift Consciousness and Heal Trauma, Self-care for Caregivers, and Tarot Reading Without a Net. He also works with people individually, as a psychic reader/reality doula. His expertise is helping people regain their focus and reconnect with their soul’s purpose. And he’s honored, and humbled to be bringing his skills to bear for the community at Surrender this year. Kevin has dedicated his life to helping in every way he can to bring about the species-wide course correction of which our little world stands in such dire need. <3