Kenny Palurintano

Kenny PalurintanoKenny Palurintano is a traveling chef, healer, community organizer, and Life Optimization Facilitator. Born in Portland, and growing up all around Cascadia, Kenny has been on the road full-time for the last 2 years. Moving from transformational festival to conference to intentional community, Kenny is dedicated to a life of self-healing and service to others, spreading empowerment, love, and hope along the way.

After more than a decade of depression, addiction, and self-destruction, Kenny had the realization that these issues stemmed not from self-hate, but from living an insincere life, playing a character that Euro-American culture had conditioned him to play. Since that realization, Kenny has been focused on living joyfully, following divine guidance, and the importance of consciously creating one’s reality.

When not in the kitchen practicing food medicine for the masses, Kenny can often be found doing workshops, interviews, and one-on-one teaching on a variety of topics. These include, but aren’t limited to, mindful eating, re-programming your brain, creating containers & holding space, solutions-oriented living, and his favorite topic: “trust-falling” the Universe.

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