Kat Camp

katcampKat Camp | Taste of Aphrodite

Kat is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, intimacy coach, professional cuddlist, and Priestess of Aphrodite with over 15 years of experience in facilitation and coaching. She believes that sexual health, pleasure, and intimate connection with oneself and others are basic human rights, and has finally found a way to help people reclaim those rights. She also believes in the healing power of conscious, consensual touch, and works to increase and improve the amount of touch in a world in which it is far too limited.

As a coach, Kat offers compassionate, intuitive support to individuals, couples, and groups who want to direct their personal erotic development, deepen their connection with their bodies, or work through issues or concerns around sexuality or relationship. Kat uses an individualized combination of guided breath work, touch, holistic peer counseling, and other tools to help each client in their personal journey towards embodying bliss. Her work is trauma informed, feminist, queer-friendly, poly-normative, and supports all beings in their expressions of sexuality and gender.


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