Greg Hill

Greg Hill | Return to the Forest

Greg Hill resides in Boulder, Colorado and spends his free time working on Intimacy Lab, yoga, contact improv, authentic relating, and massage as well as dancing, biking, and skiing.. With 20 years in the IT field, Greg developed patience, attention to detail, and intuitive problem-solving. He also acquired training in massage techniques and operated an Asian bodywork school, which instilled in him complementary skills of non-linear thinking and intuition about human nature and the universe. Greg’s education in climate change, permaculture and biomimicry, and leadership roles in restoration projects taught him the interconnection between our relationship to Gaia and environmental health. Due to a degenerative eye condition resulting in gradual blindness, Greg sees better peripherally, giving him a “wide-angled” world view. This unique view drives him to see the world with a “soft focus”, or via the parasympathetic system, informing his view of the natural world and in non-verbal interpersonal interactions.