Emily Buffi

Emily Buffi’s first language is dancing. She can’t help but use her whole body to communicate. When she’s not creatively coaxing culinary cuisine, she’s dancing with trees and making out with leaves. When she’s not burying herself in the sound of the soil, she’s deeply listening to the heart songs in her human community. She positively delights in being alive and experiencing the world through every sensory cell and follicle.

A community builder, weaver of spaces, and anchor for radical self-expression, Emily provides grounded ecstatic support for wild embodied energy to flow. She passionately believes in empowering other humans to cultivate a deep relationship with their bodies, with their own private Earths. Emily facilitates embodied intelligence explorations through sensory-based nature walks, improvisational movement, spoken word, rhythm and sound gatherings, and compassionate witnessing and mirroring.