Emily Boyer

Emily'sBioPicEmily Boyer, Community Love Offering Coordinator, is an exuberant butterfly learning to ground herself in between migration seasons. After cocooning in SE Portland for her upbringing, she graduated from Oregon State University, where she metamorphosed, unfolding her wings through her studies of communication, experiences in leadership and event coordinating. She gained a greater appreciation for her own life and acknowledged privilege by embarking on international adventures in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Cuba, where she further developed her Spanish bilingualism, love for 100+ degree weather, and Latin American culture.

When Emily fluttered to Windward as an apprentice in 2015, she found deep love and connection with the land-based, life-supporting community, resonating strongly with the mission of treating Earth as lover. Living at Windward has taught Emily to better identify and voice her desires and emotions. She endeavors to become more physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and sensually aware in each moment, growing for herself so she may pollinate this world with the vibrant love that surrounds us.

Emily loves to dance through life joyfully and wholeheartedly, balancing a wakeful excitement and a lust for life with a peace of heart and a singing spirit.