Amanda Rose

Amanda RoseAmanda Rose is a Portland based anthropologist, sex positive educator, facilitator, activist, bona fide sex geek, and mother of three. She possesses a relentless passion for actively co-creating fundamental and lasting cultural evolution. As an identified queer and relational anarchist she is deeply dedicated to the removal of the conditioned shame and stigma that currently surrounds human sexuality and relationships. Her belief in the power and transformational healing qualities of genuine heart felt touch and authentic sexual connection guides and gives focus to her work.

Several years ago she became involved with Sex Positive Portland (SPP) where she has volunteered her talent and intellect as a community leader and event organizer. Amanda’s mission throughout her time with SPP has been to discover, co-create, and refine the solid community practices necessary to manifest an intersectional, inclusive, conscious community into reality. To this end she has participated in, organized, and facilitated well over a hundred events. The offerings she has facilitated range from touch positive snuggles and play parties, to education based events such as consent and boundary classes, safer sex talks, panel discussions for ethical non-monogamy and original curriculum based on anthropologic discourse on topics such as jealousy, relationship anarchy and historic connections to our world views.

This diverse range of experience has cultivated within her an understanding of the need for approaches that balance pragmatic application with powerful personal expressions. A self proclaimed witch and skeptic, Amanda blends her scientific understanding of cultural conditioning with a priestesses intuition and moves to serve the community in dismantling outmoded, internalized narratives in favor of authentic personal and
relational experiences.