Inclusiveness & Unity Co-leaders

siennaSienna Newcastle, daughter of occult writer Nema, was raised in Pagan community, with encouragement toward independent thinking. In 1994, she opened a magickal bookstore called “Laughing Bird” in Vancouver, WA. As a practicing Tantrika, she wrote self-help articles in small press and discovered that she enjoyed helping people. She began teaching classes on magick, Tarot, and Tantra, which continued even after the store closed in 2001. She has been heavily involved in the local pagan community ever since.
She returned to college in 2002 to earn a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. An internship under a transgender therapist taught her about gender identity, sexual orientation, nontraditional family counseling, and hormone therapy. Her own classes continued to grow, and are now hosted at Everette House.
Sienna earned her counseling license in both Oregon and Washington under her legal name, Sue Ujvary, in 2016. She is an active member of the Oregon Counselors Association (ORCA), and a board member of a Pagan nonprofit, M.A.G.I.C. She is self-employed in private practice as is a Mental Health Counselor specializing in gender counseling and sexuality therapy in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.
With a background outside of the majority Christian culture, she understands the role of society in the expression of the individual. She connects well with most people who fall outside the bell curve of “normal.” She is dedicated to helping people maximize their own potential in learning, in love, and in life.


remy.jpegMiss Remy Viviana Ilmatar, the Transgender daughter of a Hippie/Musician/Artist/Chef Puerto Rican Father and a Pharmacy Technician, Portuguese/Cherokee Mother, in the open minded and eclectic city of Oakland, CA., Where she attended art school and got her degree in Interior Design and Cosmetology.

Miss Remy is a talented professional Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, High Priestess and Witch, Tantric Priestess, Hair Stylist and co-owner of The Transamorous – Where her purpose is helping to eliminate the shame and hate associated with being “the Trans-attracted man.” To assist people in finding true Joy, Love and the full authentic life you have always wanted, and is your birth-right; by cultivating your thoughts, words and deeds. By changing the stories we tell ourselves about how our reality works.

She is an active member in the Portland, OR., Pagan Community. Remy has served on the non-profit board of The Nine Houses of Gaia for 7 years where she has been both President and Vice-President of the organization as well as managed the cooking and kitchen for 150+ people at the North West Fall Equinox Festival. Miss Remy joined her first coven and met her first magickal teachers in her early 20’s and has continued to study, practice and teach her magick and root-work; becoming a respected member of the magickal community. Being of mixed ethnicity, it was very important for her to create an eclectic blend of magick, root-work and healing techniques that bridge the cultural divides.

20170228_235321As a Satanist, Anthony Bubb holds fervently to the belief that fear is a doorway, a living gate into the world of the subconscious mind; that through its manipulation lies a powerful tool of ritual and magic capable of shattering the binds of constriction that ensconce our lives in mediocrity. Since his induction into occultism, his goal has been to explore the esoteric vistas of experience that consciousness has to offer, and to be a succor unto others wandering lost on the path of darkness. From his earliest memories, Anthony has been drawn to the dark side of life, delighting in using the psychological power of shock value to express his political ideas. Raised in a southern baptist home deep in the country he learned how belief could be used to control entire groups of people through fear, which subsequently got him excommunicated at only 4 years old from a Memphis Baptist church when he informed the nursery school attendant that he was in fact the devil and then proceeded to act like one. In his 18th year after much studying and introspection, Anthony shifted his spiritual studies from Christianin Mysticism, into what he would call Black Magic; an eclectic system of Thelema, Gnosticism, Theurgy, Hypnosis, Vodoun and Presdigitation, this would lead him into the vast oceans of unexplored occult thought that would become his hallmark. At the age of 19 he became a licenced Reiki master, and 5 years later was initiated as a priest of M.A.G.I.C. Combining the traditions he had studyed into a syncretic personalised system. Through its framework Anthony experimented predominantly in evocation and alchemy using multifarious mediums of magical charges with varying degrees of effectiveness to test his theories over the years. It is currently his hope to show others through his art what he has learned about societal manipulation, in hopes that people can break away from the hypnotic fear cycles and routines utilized by politicians and advertising companies that control the populace to do thier bidding.


Colette is the granddaughter of activist Flora Chavez. From a young age Colette was carried on her grandmother’s hip to various protest. It was not uncommon
for  young Colette to march down roads in Fresno ,California singing “De Colores” with local farm workers following family friend Caesar Chavez fighting for farm workers rights.
She is no stranger to experiencing bullets flying over head while sleeping at the home of Caesar Chavez.
Inclusivity and unity didn’t start with Colette’s grandmother’s activities, no it started at the core of her DNA. Colette’s ancestors contributed DNA from France, Spain, Africa, Sweden, Ireland, Germany, England and Indigenous North America. Her Spanish ancestors became Cryto-Jews in Albuquerque, New Mexico after leaving Spain due to the inquisition.
She has always been drawn to nature based Spirituality. For decades she has studied and practiced some form of paganism be it Celtic rituals, Native American ceremonies or Shamanic practices.
Colette’s credentials to discuss inclusivity and unity come from her life experiences. She was born to understand what being different and not of the majority feels like. In her own small way she supports the advancement of equality for all beings.
Colette is the owner and solo practitioner of Eclectic Healing Guide where through massage and bodywork she helps individuals connect with all 4 bodies (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) and empower their ability to be self healers.