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torchShanya Luther, M.Div., is a social-sexual ecologist.  She writes, speaks and conducts trainings about all facets of human sexuality, emphasizing relational integrity, justice, and reconciliation.  She also facilitates events, teaches trainings, and offers workshops and classes specializing in body image, vibrant relationships, conscious touch and much more!  Currently, her focus is teaching about Sexual Integrity and Conscious Touch.

Shanya holds a bachelor’s degree in Family Counseling, Child-Adolescent Development, and Women’s Studies; a Master of Divinity degree; and a certificate in Human Sexuality.  She continues to study art, movement therapies, interpersonal relationships, and emotional intelligence.

Shanya owns and operates Among Friends in Portland, Oregon; offering social-sexual behavior supports and coaching individuals and couples.  Her latest passion project is creating a Snuggle Mobile to teach healthy relationship and communication skills.

Martin_imageGrowing up on a farm in rural Oregon, Martin Ericksen, gained both an attachment and deep love for all things green and growing. He may have left the farm but it never left him. Perpetually curious, Martin enlisted as a medic in the Army where he served four years. He was taken by a strong wanderlust that has taken him to 42 countries. This journeying has included stints playing professional rugby in Europe and Asia, learning what it meant to be a citizen of the world. Martin eventually returned home and received a Fine Arts degree from the University of Oregon. Always needing to touch, he mostly focused on sculpture. Currently, Martin casts and carves, working in metal and wood, glass and stone, creating what could best be described as organic forms. He is also exploring two-dimensional arts, including a recent foray into encaustic work. The past few years have found Martin on the road again, working for the Army and US State Department as a Civil Affairs officer. His focus on conflict resolution and community outreach—in some of the most remote areas in the world—has led Martin to realize that with action and involvement all things are possible.

1004151215_0001Sarabell Eisenfeld ~embodied communitarian, mediator, facilitator, social permaculturist, seeker, teacher, lover, priestess in training~ is a grateful member of the Guardian team. Sarabell’s roles in community on Earth grow from her love, curiosity, and reverence for humanness, communication, desire, and ritual.

Trained through Resolutions Northwest’s yearlong mediation training program, Sarabell serves community members, neighbors, couples, moreples, and all configurations of striving humans experiencing conflict. Sarabell facilitates opportunities to interrupt internalized and systematic oppression through Theater of the Oppressed playshops, and pursues trainings in Trauma Informed Conflict Transformation (with Rain Crowe,) Grounding and Sacred Self Care (with Oakry,) numerous Sexual Empowerment trainings with mentors including Teri Ciacci, Betty Martin, Amy Jo Goddard, Eva Blake, and Bob Czimbal. Sarabell’s dedication to sacred healing sex and sovereignty has found kinship and blessed witness and support in Living Love Revolution’s Aphrodite Priestess Training. Sarabell also works with youth of all ages, celebrating seasonal rhythms, self*awareness and empowered self*expression.

Honored and lit up supporting people to gain confidence with new skills and new tools, growing and rewriting our mythologies, Sarabell shows up with warmth and empathy (…except when she doesn’t! which is useful to her growth as well!) Sarabell lives with 10 other people on an urban ecovillage in Portland called Fosterville ( working to shift the dominant urban paradigm from land “ownership” to land stewardship, service, lovership.

Tending to Grow; mediation, facilitation, education 610.804.6656

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