Windward Community

“For more than thirty years, the Windward community has been exploring the intersection of polyamory, sustainability, and community with the goal of creating a working model of a better way. We are proud to host Surrender and welcome all EcoSexuals who feel drawn to join in reaffirming their commitment to our beloved, the earth.”
— Walt Patrick, Windward Steward

Windward: Stewarding Community and Land

The host community and organization for Surrender, Windward, is a group of individuals who live and embody the EcoSexual vision in everyday life.  Together, the people of Windward windwardsolsticesteward 130 acres of farm and forest, creating the physical and psychic space for the dance that brings together people to work towards a shared goals while affirming and supporting the whole person.

As a gift of appreciation for hosting us and for stewarding the land for generations to come, revenue generated from Surrender is gifted to Windward in support of their ongoing efforts to transition to an ecologically sustainable culture.

To highlight a few of Windward’s projects:

cob1Herland Forest: A  natural burial cemetery and community forestry venture on 20 acres of Windward’s Stewardship Forest, dedicated to providing end-of-life transitions that celebrate the role of death in regenerating life’s abundance.

Biomass2Methanol: An open-source biofuel project that aims to model a holistic, forest-based energy economy that converts forest material into the diverse forms of energy needed to empower rural communities and maintain healthy forests.

Windward offers Apprenticeships, March through November, for individuals who are seeking to immerse themselves in land-based community and explore and develop their areas of interest.

To learn more about Windward or how to get involved, visit their website or contact

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