Healing and Transformation

“Sexual Healing is now the existential responsibility of every human who is interested in having human evolution be a part of the Earth’s future.”
–Teri Ciacchi, www.livingloverevolution.com

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Creating a Space for Holistic Healing and Transformation

It is time for us to become whole. It is time for us to return our love to our own body and soul. It is time for us to surrender to the wild we carry within us and tend to this earthly beloved we call home.

At Surrender: the EcoSexConvergence we create a safe, loving container for participants to walk this path of healing and transformation, to expand their embodied experience of love by deeply connecting with their own source and soul as well as with the interconnected web of Life. From the welcoming ceremony and ecosexual pathwork through workshops and rituals, we enter into a transformational space designed to allow for deep healing and the letting go of what prevents us from fully embracing the sensual prayer of life.

IMG_0671Sexual Healing as a Path Towards Wholeness

A direct connection exists between our ability and willingness to consciously inhabit our bodies and our ability and willingness to attend to the Planet’s well being. Attending to our personal sexual healing can be the cause of great transformation on both an individual and societal level. Sexual wounds are often the deepest and most repressed wounds of all.

When we shine the light of conscious aware attention on these wounds, a powerful and holistic energy shift can occur. Releasing ourselves from the past allows us to become present in the here and now. Until we attend to and accomplish our own sexual healing, the World- the actual physical Earth we live upon- cannot have our conscious attention. As Marianne Williamson says in The Return to Love, “Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one”

Sexual Healing is now the existential responsibility of every human who is interested in having human evolution be a part of the Earth’s future.

P1010843A Love Ethic: Creating Opportunities for Healing and Growth

As hosts we understand that intimate relationships bring up the presence of love and this love creates a field of energy that heals. We expect that the transformational quality of the weekend may trigger people’s wounds and we will facilitate activities and provide opportunities that promote healing and integration. As your hosts we will do our best to embody the qualities of love.

We have carefully researched the broad range of thought and ideas that EcoSexuality weaves together: EcoPsychology, Conservation Ecology, Deep Ecology, EcoSomatics, Social Change Activism, Human Ecology and SexEcology.

With this in mind and taking into account the diversity of people, ages and lifestyles who will be attending this event, from babies and toddlers, to teenagers, young adults and elders, we have created an EcoSexual Ethics and Etiquette for this event. With these guidelines, we ask all participants to balance the desire for personal expression with compassion for other people’s boundaries and need for safety.

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