5 Zones of Love

“At the height of being in love, the boundary between ego and object threatens to melt away.”-Sigmund Freud, Civilization and Its Discontents

The activities, rituals, foods and environments of Surrender are being designed to maximize the potential for you to experience and integrate love in the many zones of your existence. Surrender is an exploration of being present to all parts of ourselves. We can simultaneously and intentionally expand love outside of ourselves to other people, other species and the energetic body of the planet.

Interactions in the 5 EcoSomatic Zones 

IMG_0335For Zone Zero, the intrapsychic, (in your own mind/body/spirit), we are providing daily opportunities for yoga, embodiment meditation, nature walks and other solitary or inward focused activities.

Zone One, the interpersonal, experiences will occur continually as you meet other people at the event and the members of The Windward and Living Love Revolution Communities.

IMG_8449To help us work in the realm of Zone Two, Family systems, we will each be part of an ecosexual path and explore “we Consciousness” as we are guided on a ritual initiation by the Path Mentors.

Zone Three, social systems, including concerns around race, gender, class and ethnicity will be experienced in our large group ritual experiences throughout the weekend.

Zone Four includes the ecological systems of the Windward campground and surrounding forest and all the creatures and elemental beings that call this land home.

Zone Five is the Gaiac bodies of the Earth herself. Part of the EcoSexual movement is to envision Nature as our Lover rather than our Mother, a metaphor that asks us to be in mutual and reciprocal relation with her.


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