Why Surrender?

The spiritual craving of our time is triggered by the perennial human need to connect with something that transcends the fragile self, to surrender to something larger and more lasting than our brief moment in history.”  —Sam Keen, author of The Passionate Life




Creating Surrender through Sovereignty

Many of us are on a quest. We seek meaning, passion, purpose, wholeness – something we have not experienced, but know is possible. As we cultivate raw instinct into talent, awareness into embodied wisdom, and interests into skills, we are on a path towards personal sovereignty — personal sovereignty that is the foundation of deep and respectful partnerships with Self, Earth & Community.

We have inherited as story that our labor is not ours — it belongs to the employers; that our body is not ours — it belongs to the state. For too long we have been taught to disembody our sexuality, to fear male sexuality, to repress female sexuality, and that anything else is wrong.

Yet, once we gain sovereignty over our own lives and bodies, we can reclaim the choice to give our time, energy and labor to what we love. When we gain sovereignty over our own sexuality, the true beauty and power of this erotic life force connects us to Life itself. The Earth is calling for us to turn our loving attention to the soil and trees, rivers and oceans. The Wild is calling for us to return to the interwoven communities that create thriving ecosystems.

Together, let us help each other heal by cultivating skill, finding purpose and creating wholeness. Let us help each other create that place where our bodies, our time, and our love are a gift to the Earth — and the Earth’s gift to us. Come, let us support each other in the journey to surrender in service of the communities and ecosystems that nourish us all, surrender in service of Love, and in service of Life itself.

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