Call for Workshop Proposals 2018

Closing Date: January 15, 2018

Calling all EcoSexual Educators! We are excited for you to share your teachings, practices, and tools of embodied earth-loving with participants of the EcoSex Convergence. We are now in the 6th year of the annual EcoSex Convergence! Each year the quality and potency of the event increases, and we are grateful to be collaborating with you in the co-creation of an ecosexual world.

The EcoSex Convergence draws people who have a variety of backgrounds with EcoSexuality, from those who recently have been introduced to the concept to those who have years of practice with permaculture, tantra, environmental-art, community-building, polyamory and the many forms of earth-loving. True to its name, the EcoSex Convergence provides a space for many aspects of ecosexuality to converge, evolve and inspire each other. The event is a closed container, starting with the opening ceremony and ending with the closing ceremony.

We ask that the workshops reflect the diversity of experiences and expressions of EcoSexuality, that workshop facilitators offer teachings that stem from their own embodied life-experience and we encourage the development or deepening of original material specifically for this event.

In addition to the regular afternoon workshops, this year we are also accepting proposals for the evening programming (such as dance, cuddles and facilitated Temple activities), afternoon programming in Lilith’s Forest, the consent workshop, and morning ecosomatic movement.

Scroll down to read our workshop proposal requirements!

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Vision Statement for The EcoSex Convergence

The EcoSex Convergence is a gathering to bring together wild souls who express a love for Life by stewarding and coming into union with the Earth through the whole of our bodies, minds, and spirits. Over the course of five days in a private oak and pine forest, we create space for deep grounding with the land and in the sacred sensual prayer of life. Together, as we open our hearts to the Earth and to each other, we connect, support, celebrate, listen, learn, inspire, imagine, and create.

On the Summer Solstice, with forest as our guide, we listen intimately to the land and each other as we co-create ecosexual community that inspires us in our personal and collective journeys towards a culture that is life-affirming, sex-positive, and ecologically sustainable.

All Earth lovers are welcome.

What Kinds of Workshops We Are Looking For

We are looking for experience-based workshops centered around the body, earth, community, sexuality, art or spirit and the relationship between all of these. This may include sacred bodywork, ethnobotanical explorations, EcoSexual storytelling, earth-based meditation, sensual or healing massage, ecosomatics, erotic permaculture, erotic team building, EcoSexual forest walks, EcoSexual (performance) art (see, etc. In your proposal, please explain how your workshop is a manifestation or embodiment of the EcoSex Manifesto or vision statement above.

We want these workshops to deepen participants’ understanding of themselves and their relationship to each other and the Earth. We want these workshops to inspire and motivate participants to live and love passionately and courageously in the world. It would be great if participants left these workshops with visions and embodied knowledge of how to share the EcoSexual experience with the friends and love-ones. Most of all, we want you to share your vision of the deeply grounded and life-affirming culture we are all birthing together.

We look forward to highlighting local talent, celebrating regional visionaries, and honoring international leaders.

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Workshop Details

Due to the remote nature of the venue (we’ll be in the woods, yeah!), we cannot support PowerPoint presentations or other digital visuals. Audio can be available through portable music devices and speakers.

Workshop length is 2 hours. Except for morning movement slots which are 45 minutes.

Proposed Compensation for Presenters

  • Presenters will receive the $170-300, sliding scale, entrance ticket for free; Presenters will still need to purchase a meal plan for the weekend, as with all organizers.
  • If you wish, we can include a link to your work as an affiliate in our monthly newsletter.
  • We can arrange transportation (carpool) for you from Portland to the event site.
  • We are encouraging participants to gift presenters meaningful hand-crafted, home-made, home-grown tokens of appreciation.
  • We will have a place where you can sell your books, advertise your classes, and market your materials.
  • We offer presenters a platform to promote their work to an audience of 165 like-minded participants.

How to Submit a Proposal

Please click here to complete the form to submit a workshop proposal.

If you are interested but can’t submit online or have any further questions, please call Lindsay at 413-325-3383.

Submission Closing Date: Midnight, January 15, 2018

Notification of Submission Acceptance: If we select your workshop, we will notify you by February 1st by sending you a letter of understanding that outlines the agreements we hold with you as workshop leaders.

Ongoing Participation

We invite you to share your EcoSexual ideas, practices, and visions to help grow this budding new sexual identity and ecological movement by writing blog posts for our website.

We look forward to witnessing your creative offerings! Collaborating with the Earth is sexy and doing it as a community is even sexier. Blessings! ~ Lindsay Hagamen & Teri Ciacchi.


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