The Earth is Not Our Mother: EcoSexuals are Calling the Earth their Lover

The Earth is Not Our Mother: EcoSexuals are Calling the Earth their Lover

surrender_logo_300pxContact: Teri Ciacchi
Cell phone: 206-612-3511
Event Details: June 21-23rd, 2013
Surrender: An Ecosexual Convergence


As children we are told stories about Mother Earth, an all-giving resource that will provide for us, her children, forever. This mother-child relationship encourages us to take from the Earth’s ecosystems without respect or regard for the impact on the rest of Life. As a result, we are currently facing an unprecedented environmental crisis (global climate change, deforestation, mass extinctions, topsoil loss, oceanic dead zones, water shortages etc). Simultaneously, the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic in mental and physical health disorders that stem from the lack of connection with one another, the places we live, and meaningful work. A growing number of people around the world, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest, are advocating for a change in the way we relate to the Earth– to think of the Earth not as our Mother, but instead as our Lover. These people call themselves EcoSexuals and they embrace both the earth body and the human body as worthy of our respect and love. EcoSexuals are also exploring how our relationship with human sexuality impacts how we relate to ourselves, one another and Earth’s ecosystems. On the summer solstice, June 21-23rd, in a private campground in southern Washington, the wild souls who are called to serve the Earth will be gathering to celebrate one another and our earthly home.

Surrender: An EcoSexual Convergence will be a weekend sanctuary in the woods for 300 EcoSexuals to celebrate, connect, learn and create. Participants will be able to partake in educational workshops with topics ranging from intentional community to permaculture, belly dancing to sacred sexuality; large group rituals will be hosted throughout the convergence to build community and encourage cathartic healing; storytelling will engage the mind, ecstatic dance will awaken the body and sacred massage will attune the senses to fully experience the sensual prayer of life.

The EcoSex Convergence is creating a new culture around Love and the natural world– a culture of intimate abundance and connection. A culture where we are known, where what we do matters, where we can be wild and free and whole.

Are you yearning for REAL connection? Are you longing for SANCTUARY with Nature? Are you willing to EMBRACE the Earth as your Lover?


If you would like more information about EcoSexuality or Surrender: An EcoSexual Convergence, contact Teri Ciacchi, 206-612-3511,