Workshops 2016

Thursday June 16th

Here Come the Ecosexuals!– A Walking Tour Performance 1:30-3:30pm

The adventure begins with Ecosex Orientation. We’ll present 25 Ways to Make Love 634A3515With the Earth, and inform you of how to negotiate consent with trees, rocks and other nature entities. Pass through a magic portal that will take you back through time, help you get your ecosexual gaze on, and find your E-spot (ecosexy spot).

Aquaphliacs will unite and become a drop of water, flow like a river, and get wet with a water toast. Our tour guide team will demonstrate how to give and receive pleasure with nature through the senses and some simple ecosexercises. Environmental issues will be brought into the open and a dramatic protest will ensue. By the climax of the tour you might discover that you are an ecosexual too.


Lindsay Hagamen & Teri Ciacchi

Ecosexual Economics  4-5pm

Yes, economics is at the heart of building an ecosexual culture! In this plenary conversation with all the participants at Surrender, Teri and Lindsay will explore how and why ecosexuality and economics are deeply interwoven. We will share from our experience in building regional ecosexual community together and dive into questions such as: What does a gift economy actually look like? How are sex, money and power related to caring for Lover Earth? How do we reconcile existing within the money economy while striving to create a culture that infuses in everyday action a deep reverence and ecstatic joy for Life itself? You won’t want to miss this titillating and radical exploration of ecosexual economics!




Carey French

Consent and Conscious Touch 101 5-6pm

As we create new culture together, we are also building the skills that help us step away from our old conditioning and toward conscious and authentic expression. Using clear communication to negotiate boundaries and desires is an essential piece of this revolution!

In this experiential workshop, we will be practicing sensing into our bodies, getting familiar with our internal landscape, normalizing saying and receiving “no,” speaking our desires and our “yes,” and negotiating touch. In this gentle and supportive space, we are invited to lean in to the somatic experience of consent and activate our collective power for integrity in all our relations. Let’s create the foundation for safety and connection at this amazing gathering, and beyond!

*This playshop will be part of a plenary session on Thursday afternoon and is an awesome pre-requisite for the more intimate side of Surrender.

Evening Offerings 9:30pm

firedanceDrum Circle and Dance under the stars and around the fire!

E.A.R.T.H Think Tank Join Annie Sprinkle & Beth Stephens and explore how you can create Environmental Art Research Theory & Happenings in your community. A once in a lifetime opportunity to learn intimately with these pioneering women and bring your performance art to a new level!

Open Source Cuddle  Grab your pillow & pjs and head to the dome to sink into a self facilitated cuddle puddle.


Friday June 17th


Helena Palmqvist


David Kohler

Being the Source of Your Power 4-6pm

Anytime we are present to the state of the earth and its trajectory set by greed and ambition – the blind commitment to the progress of capitalism in disregard for life, spirit, and love – our experience in that moment is often despair and rage. There are things in this world that clearly should not be and our mission becomes to resist and fight against the oppression and oppressors. Combatting profound hopelessness, swiftly or with great effort, we turn the outrage and intense resistance into the fuel that powers our work. And yet. That which we resist, continues to persist.
In this workshop we will inquire into and explore ultimate responsibility as an access to power. We will move from a polarising context of good and bad, away from despair and resistance, to a new vision of empowered loving activism. From here we will create newly a commitment: Healing ourselves, each other, and the land around a central ethic of love. Finally, we will play with practical tools for sharing this vision in a way that inspires not only those in our kindred communities, but people who are in apparent conflict with us, leaving you empowered and inspired to dramatically increase the spread of the EcoSexual movement.


Kriyanna Feyalove

Ecstatic Awakening Meditation 4-6pm

Kriyanna will share teachings and techniques to activate your own kundalini awakening, increasing the flow of amrita (infinite divine nectar coming straight from source) to heal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual imbalances. This activation is magnetic and will support you in being in a receptive state, providing you with everything you need while surrendering blockages that keep you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. When we are in this pure state of love and light, we remember the truth of who we are, why we are here, and so much more. From this individual state of activation, we may come together in perfect Divine Union with the beloved inside each of us, in others around us, in all of life.




Leigh Senna

A Love Like That Lights the Whole Sky ~
A Pray-formance in the Art of Sacred and Sensual Yoni Massage 4-6pm

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,
“You owe me.”
What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.”


Just as the almighty Sun grants opportunity for life on earth with offerings of warmth, light, and the dawn of day, so to does the Yoni bless us with an unwavering love that is fundamental to all of human life.  A center of creation that even after all this time, will continue to offer the wild and enriching intelligence of life to this worldly conversation.

An EcoSexual is one who can sit with this sacredness, and offer their hands and heart in devotion to the pleasure of that whose love lights the whole sky. We gather to witness and celebrate the art of sensual Yoni Massage.  We gather to learn and amplify our pleasure skills. We gather to honor the Yoni and experience a life-affirming offering.

Evening Offerings 8-10pm

        Performance Art with Beth & Annie

        Self Pleasuring Salon with Leigh Senna

        Fireside Games & Storytelling 

        Sex Magic Ritual 

Saturday June 17th



Katalin Koda & Mika Kiburz

The Art of Sacred Clown: Discovering Play in Relation to One Another and the Earth

Do you wish to have a direct experience with the Divine magic, animal and mystical nature of who you are? We invite you to discover your inner and outer clown!

Similar to shamanic healing, Sacred Clown uses what is challenging to find our place of healing.

In the practice of Sacred Clown we discover our personal points of bafflement and learn to be present in our vulnerable truths. Sacred Clown shows us the parts of ourselves we may not want to see and dissolves them through laughter. Laughter is the universal language of LOVE.

In this two hour workshop we explore Sacred Clown and learn to step into this through unlocking physical comedy, witnessing how to love the earth, unabashedly, unashamed.

Participants can expect to take away a new approach to emotional honesty, seeing the conditions of being human as a playground (not to mention a special, hand-crafted clown nose).

Expect to laugh, cry, exert energy, feel a whole range of emotions, and to come away with a feeling of being cleansed. And so we begin to see the Divine Play in all walks of life.


Benjamin Pixie

Pollinating our Blossoming Hearts – Tending the Vitality of the Earth

Pollination – plant sex, the sacred dance of flower sperm to ovule, often mediated by the little winged lady cupids, the honey bees.  Through their work, not only are the flowers given a more fecund future, but they take the most fleeting and sweet aspect of a plant- it’s secretions of the nectaries, into the most immortal gold, the only food that will never rot- honey.  Honey bees are the original plant medicine makers, they have created civilization based on mediating the reproductive life of plants in which the body of their hive is made of the sweet fruits of that sex.

Benjamin will be sharing stories of Bees as stewards of the fecundity of life and examples of alternative styles of civilization that promote diversity. This class will focus on healing the damage to our world, psyches, and sexualities and bodies created by the disconnection from the divine magic of sacred sexuality as embodied by the pollinator.   The class will include tasting many different floral based and infused honeys and stories/ gifts of the plant medicines as the bees and beelovers experience them as medicines to awaken our own role as divine pollinators.


Rachel Adair EcoSex headshot

Rachel Adair


Sensuality Salon

The Sensuality Salon is designed to be a non-sexual co-created experience to open your heart. This includes a workshop that takes people on a tantalizing journey of taste, touch, scent, and sound. Release yourself from the parameters of sight and open to receive from another in an innocent open-hearted exchange. Our goal is to facilitate the ability to give and receive on a soul level. Surrender to your innocence and awaken your senses to unconditional love.



Evening Offerings: 10pm

         Jam Erotique with Victor & Elena

         A Taste of Aphrodite Temple with Living Love Revolution

         Frolic in the Forest hosted by Amanda Furnish and Mary Gravning of Sex Positive Portland

This event is open to all adult Surrendering Participants! The evening will start off by titillating our senses; let’s explore, touch, taste, sound, and scent. We will be sampling a variety of SPP signature flavors for your enjoyment and to foster connection. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory. Consent & boundaries will be respected and everyone participates at their own comfort level. To attend this event, you must arrive in time for the opening circle as we will be setting our container and going over the rules of play. Please, no late arrivals, but you may leave anytime. We encourage the buddy system (coming with a friend or lover) but this is not required.

We will have a cozy space, providing the basics. You can bring some things, needed for your own comfort including; safer sex items, toys, water bottle, towel, blanket, etc…

Amanda and Mary, between them, have facilitated hundreds of experiences as guides, participants & leaders in many sex positive, touch positive communities. They are honored and excited to lead this magical journey of exploration within the heart of Lilith’s Forrest! Please come and join us.