Presenters 2016

634A3515Beth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle live and work together in Boulder Creeks’s coastal redwood forest and in an old Victorian cottage in San Francisco. Devoted to developing the ecosex movement through art, theory, practice and activism since 2004, they’ve produced numerous ecosex symposiums, ecosex weddings, workshops, lectures, walking tours, and art exhibits. Their award winning documentary, Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story has played in numerous film festivals. View the trailer here. Beth is an Art Professor at UC Santa Cruz, Annie has a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality. They aim to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse. You can learn more about their work here.

Katalin_MikaKatalin Koda is an author, ceremonialist, shamanic healer, intuitive storyteller, workshop/group facilitator and mythmaker. She has been working with the mythic dream of Life and putting this into practice through ceremony, shamanic healing arts, and sacred archetypes for the last twenty years. Based for fifteen years in South India and Hawai’i, she worked with hundreds of people around the world in healing sessions, intuitive readings, and workshops. She has led and facilitated hundreds of ceremonies with a variety of communities.

As a shamanic healer she embodies her love of Self, the earth and her relations which has inspired her to work with the sacred art of marriage in a new way: self-marriage, marrying the earth, and committing to the Divine in an expansive, multi-dimensional expression using Beauty and Power. Find more at

Mika Kiburz, aka Mika Lulu, is a Dreamer, Circus Performer, Traveler, and Video Artist, based in Portland, OR. She has studied many teachings on her personal path of discovery, including Tibetan Buddhism, Native American Mythologies, Hawaiian Huna, Tantra, Tarot, Shamanism, among others. Her interest in Clown as healing art, comes from much study of self inquiry and group process work, as well as tracking the dream body in shamanic healing. She is a Tour Coordinator for Performers Without Borders ( , and will be touring India with a troupe of 7 for the second time this year, teaching and performing for vulnerable children. She also co facilitates with her partner, Katalin Koda, a clown play group in Portland, OR called F.R.O.L.I.C. (Free Range Organic Local Intuitive Clowns).



Benjamin  Pixie has been actively romancing the wilds of this world for over half of his life.  He is husband to millions of virgin maidens who dedicate their lives to the sex work of the Earth, and lovingly serves 50 queens.  In addition to beekeeping, he is a mead maker, a conjurer of spirits, herbalist, a hide tanner, leather worker, & warrior poet. He is father of 2 shining radiant little witches.





Providing down-to-earth and experience-based insights through sexual and sensual
empowerment, Leigh Senna is a Tantra coach and pleasure guide who creates safe and provocative learning environments that support an embodied exploration of how sexuality serves our awakening, freedom, and capacity to create change.
Leigh is a certified Tantrika of the Shangpa Kaygu tradition with an eclectic background in
Somatic Healing, Dance, Women’s Empowerment, Permaculture, and Herbalism.   She is thefounder and alchemist of an artisan botanical body care business called Pleasure Medicine specializing in organic deliciousness for the yoni, lingam, and breasts.




Helena Palmqvist is passionate about empowering people. After growing up in the deep pine forest of southern Sweden, curiosity brought her to Australia and central atolls of the Pacific ocean for over a decade, before recently settling in the Pacific Northwest. Her background extends from providing leadership for organizational change, to serving on boards, acting as a consultant in non-profits, Governments, and institutions, and coaching a world-class leadership program to transform personal leadership. She dedicates her work to enable sexual and reproductive freedom and creating a culture of intimacy – a commitment was deepened by attending Tending Our Wild Feminine, facilitated by Christiane Pelmas, in October 2014.


DavidDavid Kohler is committed to everyone living life powerfully and living a life they love. He is a master facilitator and coach, leads small and large seminars, and offers personal coaching. He grew up in a small village in Switzerland amidst lakes and mountains. His first love is mathematics, which led him to Vancouver where he earned a doctorate. Along the way, he fell in love with teaching and endeavoured to make sure he left all his students with a renewed relationship with mathematics and with themselves. On his way back from a meditation retreat, he fell in love again and is now proud, honoured and humbled to be Helena’s life partner.



CareyFrenchCarey French is a poet and a promise and an exploration. She dances her dreams of conscious community in circles radiating from the center. She thinks boundaries are sexy. She wants to facilitate freedom and safety for a resilient collective future!

Carey has studied group facilitation for over 6 years and continues to study education at the University of Washington where she hopes to help develop curriculum for holistic sex education at every age level. She also facilitates workshops for the ecstatic and fusion partner dance communities in Seattle about negotiating boundaries and consent on the dance floor, and dances up a storm while she’s at it!

Carey’s work is grounded in inquiry, integrity, playfulness, and reflection. In a supportive container to step close to our edges, we can discard the old stories we’ve been taught by the dying culture… and instead practice new skills to come into alignment with our authentic desires and needs!

KriLaughKriyanna Feyalove began her conscious journey as an intuitive at the age of 12. In 1995 she began fine tuning her natural psychic abilities and began her study of Reiki. Later she became an adept in Kundalini Awakening and Western Hermetic Mysticism. She is now a Reiki Master Teacher, Tantric Qabalah Guide, founder of Ecstatic Awakening Meditation, & healer/teacher in the Western Hermetic traditions. She combines these techniques to create a powerfully synergistic and moving experience that catalyzes personal growth and deep, lasting transformation through healing and empowerment. You can find her at Temple I AM on Alberta St. in N.E. Portland.



Rachel Adair EcoSex headshotRachel Adair is a Priestess from the 13 Moon Mystery School and initiated shaman of The Third Road Faery Tradition and a certified permaculture designer. As a published author, she blends mysticism, open relationships and erotica in her series of fictional novels. She has been leading workshops, organizing volunteers and participating in intentional circles since the turn of the century.

Born and raised along the wooded bayous of southern Louisiana, she learned the value of close, communal relations. She is an avid practitioner of tantra, permaculture and local, earth-based living. Committed to empowering individuals to take part in their communities, she toured the country to revolutionize the cannabis culture, helped hemp become a mainstream material, and activated tree plantings in thousands of communities across Los Angeles. She now lives close to the earth in northern California where she helps to facilitate heart-centered workshops at LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart, enjoys the bounty of her local Transition Town movement, and is a member of her local Grange. Her home is nestled amongst apple orchards and grapevines.

Her Sensuality Salon offering is a non-sexual experience designed to provide a safe and innocent space to experience our senses from our hearts, opening to each other and the world around us. Explore sensuality without the pressure of sexuality through giving and receiving in
full surrender. Contact:, Resource:

Version 2Amanda Rose is a Portland based anthropologist, sex positive educator, facilitator, activist, bona fide sex geek, and mother of three. She possesses a relentless passion for actively co-creating fundamental and lasting cultural evolution. As an identified queer and relational anarchist she is deeply dedicated to the removal of the conditioned shame and stigma that currently surrounds human sexuality and relationships. Her belief in the power and transformational healing qualities of genuine heart felt touch and authentic sexual connection guides and gives focus to her work. Several years ago she became involved with Sex Positive Portland (SPP) where she has volunteered her talent and intellect as a community leader and event organizer. Amanda’s mission throughout her time with SPP has been to discover, co-create, and refine the solid community practices necessary to manifest an intersectional, inclusive, conscious community into reality. To this end she has participated in, organized, and facilitated well over a hundred events. The offerings she has facilitated range from touch positive snuggles and play parties, to education based events such as consent and boundary classes, safer sex talks, panel discussions for ethical non-monogamy and original curriculum based on anthropologic discourse on topics such as jealousy, relationship anarchy and historic connections to our world views. This diverse range of experience has cultivated within her an understanding of the need for approaches that balance pragmatic application with powerful personal expressions. A self proclaimed witch and skeptic, Amanda blends her scientific understanding of cultural conditioning with a priestesses intuition and moves to serve the community in dismantling outmoded, internalized narratives in favor of authentic personal and
relational experiences.

IMG_6669Evoë Thorne and Harold S. Henry are blessed to dance through life together. As individuals they have pursued paths of knowledge, passion, and mystery. As a team they delve deeper than either of them ever imagined possible. Hand in hand they are navigating raising complicated fierce children, forging sensual magical connections, taking stewardship of their land, questioning everything, laughing in the wind, and creating an empire of love.

Evoë is the sex maven behind WholeSexLife, a project aimed at changing the way some people think about sex as something removed from normal life. She is a writer of erotica, photographer of nude bodies in the wild, and parent to five incredible people. She holds a third degree in the Novan tradition, founded Spiral Scouts for the ATC in 1999, and currently finds her spiritual path within and everywhere.

Evoë’s energy is currently fueling her goal of becoming a sex therapist. Harold likes to pose the questions people would love to answer if only someone would ask. His website sex-is- sacred begins to touch upon some of those topics. He is High Priest of the Green Star Grove of the Sylvan tradition with his wife Melanie.

Harold is a deep thinker, spawning endless interesting ideas and plans of a dubious nature.