Ecosexual Pathwork

  1. How do we build a culture of skilled ecosexual practitioners?

How do we embody in our everyday lives the power of erotic life energy to transform our relationship with the Earth that sustains us and the communities that help us thrive?

As we partner with the Earth, we are called to speak the language of the Earth and the language of our own bodies. IMG_0905

So at Surrender, the pathwork will focus on developing practices, skills and embodied wisdom in different aspects of ecosexuality. Together, let us grow in our collective capacity to tend to ourselves, each other and this Earth!

Drawing on the impressive skills of those in the ecosexual community, we have have woven together an inspiring tapestry of learning opportunities. The paths options are listed below.

During online registration you will be prompted to select your top 3 path choices, and we will be selecting the paths based on a first come first serve basis. To maintain an intimate learning experience, we are limiting the number on each path. So be sure to register early!!!

Paths will meet for 2 hours during the morning on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Paths are often considered a formative part of the experience, and they do not conflict with workshops, evening programming or any other scheduled aspects of the event.

Choose Your 2017 Ecosexual Path!


Rainbow Warriors

Faciltators: Katalin Koda & Mika Kiburz

“We were made for these times” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Rainbow Warriors teach the ancient wisdoms to those who have forgotten. On this path, we provide the makings of a toolbox full of methods for participants to embrace our own inner diversity as it is the spectrum of the rainbow. Using methods of Sacred Clown and the Trickster archetype, we discover our personal points of bafflement, and practice sacred laughter as a healing modality. Discovering the Shambhala Warrior, the Bodhisattva, the Dakini, we learn the tools of transforming our demons into allies. Through a deepening self inquiry, we practice forgiveness coming from a place of limitless courage, and share with others an experience of defenseless intimacy. In creating rituals on this path, we come to see our own initiation into Rainbow Warriorship, merging of humility and pride, and ready to go out into the world juiced to be the change, and walk the message.

Earthbound: A Taste of EcoKink

Facilitators: Dylan Wilder Quinn & Rob Reed

Feel lichen scratching into your skin, be tickled by a rose and teased with its thorns, breathe into the sensations of air, wind, fire and earth coursing teasing your skin, feel your body tied up tight against a tree and be left, bound to our Lover Earth, to watch, experience, and submit to her….

Experience EcoKink play in a sacredly held container of spirituality and consent. EcoKink is courting Lover Earth to play with you, pain, and power, and sometimes with human play partners as well. This can involve using eco-conscious play toys, being bound up to Lover Earth, being teased by bits of our Lover….and many other things.

Bring your favorite play partners, any eco-friendly toys you want to use, and a t-shirt you want to transform into something sexy. We will provide eco-conscious sensual play items as well, along with many other ways to taste pain and power play with our Lover. All BDSM experience levels welcome though this especially welcoming to brand-new kinksters. This will be a container held by trans and cis facilitators, and we strive to be welcoming of all genders.

Relationship Anarchy: Seducing Your Life

Facilitators: Amanda Rose, Jacob Holder, Brook Steele, & Stephanie Osmon

“When you understand who and what you are, your radiance projects into the universal radiance and everything around you becomes creative and full of opportunity.” ~Yogi Bhajan

We’ve been taught certain beliefs about what it means to be in relationship. Coming from a non-hierarchical, Relationship Anarchist model, we will explore daily practices to tear down what we have been taught and learn to call in your intimate relationship cluster or “polycule.”

How do we live in close community with one another, share resources, create empathy and recognize emotional labors? We will explore how jealousy is created and how it aligns with patriarchal ideals of ownership, rather than sovereignty, and how a focus on queer, inclusive, intersectional relationships can be a way to break down the myths of sexual orientation, the gender binary and other hierarchical relationship structures that aren’t serving us.

Explorations within and understandings of many forms of ‘open’ relationship models are still held within a patriarchal hetero-normative framework. Such frameworks lead to “rules” that have a tendency to ignore the importance of our foundational relatedness to Earth, and overlook opportunities for sharing resources differently and building new cultural frameworks.

We will teach daily practices of being in relationship to those around us through offering exercises that offer the opportunity for deep reflection, and critical thinking that examines ourselves as we are now and as we wish to become. We offer special focus on the following:

  •  Creating a new relationship with yourself and breaking down cultural conditioning of how we ought to be in relation to others
  • Discussion of how our personal experiences using sexual exploration as a path to both autonomy and deeper commitment to others (please note that there will be explicit sexual language and discussion throughout this path, however, there will also be an awareness of asexual spectrums and a conscious effort to be inclusive to this)
  • How focusing on community-impacts rather than self can bring fulfillment
  • How to build intimate relationships in ways that cultivate and balance all aspects of our mutual lives
  • “High clustering coefficients” what they are and how to build them into the permaculture of your relationships

EcoMagicks: Working with the Land, The Ancestors and Deities

Facilitators:  Teri Ciacchi, Melanie Henry & Benjamin Pixie

“There is no war except the war against the Imagination and all other wars are subsumed in it.” — Diane DiPrima

How do we effectively call out to The Land and listen to its responses? How do we responsively court spirits of place? How do you communicate with your ancestors? How do we responsively help clear the karma in our own bloodlines? Why work with Deity in the first place? We will share what we have created in our own daily practices and make space for sharing your experiences as well as creating altars for the Land, The Ancestors and the Deities, (Inanna, Lilith, Pan, Gaia), that the larger community is working with during Surrender.

EcoMagicks are a variety of ritual techniques and somatic “ways of being” including poetry, song, movement, and Invocation, that expand our capacity to experience phenomenon that occurs both outside our physical bodies in the real and palpable worlds of Nature (bodies of Gaia) and inside our consciousness, altering our inner worlds of perception and imagination.

Earth Marriage

Facilitators: Emilyn Inglis & Thumbs

If the Earth is your most precious lover, you may be ready to commit to that relationship for the rest of your life, and beyond. As the role of marriage changes for many people, we have an opportunity to reflect on the purpose of marriage, creating something new and meaningful that resonates with us. In this pathway we will explore the power and structure of marriage vows so that you can create a commitment to the Earth which is authentic to your relationship.

After exploring the meaning of marriage vows, cultivating your introspective creativity, and sharing your statements with other Earth lovers, you will walk away from this workshop with a vow that will support and inspire you to be the best lover you can be. Each day will be focused on designing different components of an Earth Marriage Ceremony, combining guided introspection with collaborative performance choreography. While the ceremony will be designed in the closed container of this pathway’s participants, the entire Convergence community will bear witness to the ceremony when it is integrated into the closing ritual. This pathway is about more than vows: it is for those who are interested in creating a new interpretation of marriage.

Inclusiveness & Unity

Facilitators: Sienna Newcastle, Remy, Anthony & Colette

Have you ever felt left out, excluded, as if you didn’t belong? People who are different from us make us wary, make us back off and create distance between “us” and “them.” Humanity always thrives when we work together. But what about “them?”
What makes you uncomfortable with other people? How do we bridge that gap between groups? Every human is an expression of the Divine. Can we reject even one piece of divinity if we are to make ourselves whole? Who are we to judge?
If humanity is to survive the tough times ahead, we must not only accept differences, we must embrace, understand, and celebrate differences. We must learn to love those who make us uncomfortable just by being themselves. We must conquer that which makes us divide.
Learn to see your blind spots when it comes to excluding people. Soften the hard reactions in your soul. Discover the trust and respect that we all deserve, and find out how to encourage that connectedness in others.



Facilitators: Tressa Yonekawa Bundren, Davida Yonekawa Bundren

On this path it begins. Our first session will focus on Deep Sex, the sexual revolution of deepening our connection to self and other(s) within the ritual of calling Earth spirits and elementals to develop and hold the root of deep sensual and sexual experience. The second session will focus on Sacred Sex, the ancient innovative path of sacred sensual and sexual becoming and being. We will be invoking Eros and learning tools to use in the world toward the sacredness of each sexual expression. The third session will focus on EcoSex, the culmination of the path work, our deep earth tantric experience and sacred connection to source in sensual and sexual feeling, being and expression. A requirement of this path is that you come with a partner with whom you have already established consent for sensual and sexual connection and touch.