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What’s Included in a Ticket?

Tickets are all-inclusive and include 12 meals, starting with dinner on Wednesday, 3 days of pathwork, 4 evenings rich in ecosexy programming, 2 workshops, opening and closing ceremonies, parking, camping and more! Remember to check the ecosexual paths options! You’ll be asked to select your preferred ecosexual path during online registration. Click here to learn more about the 2017 path options.

How much does it cost?

Sliding Scale: $190-$300 DSC_0490

We are using a sliding scale to help facilitate participation across many economic realities AND a graduated ticket-price schedule to encourage early registrations. Funds paid in excess of the baseline will go directly to scholarships. We make a significant effort to keep the costs of this event low so that it is accessible to as many as possible. If you are in a position to support the event through sponsorship or donation, we greatly appreciate your generosity.

Early Bird: $190 – $300

April 1- May 15: $210 – 300

May 16 – June 14: $230 – $300

At the door: $300

Can I just come for the weekend?

We will only be offering five day passes, making the EcoSex Convergence a “closed container” event from Wednesday – Sunday. Participation in the Opening Ceremony is required for participation in the rest of the event. 

How many people will be there?

To create an intimate and exciting community atmosphere, we are limiting the event to 150 fabulous ecosexuals. We expect to sell out, so we encourage you to dome1register early.

Transportation, Carpools & Ride Shares

Please use the Facebook Event Page to coordinate ride shares. The closest airport is Portland, OR, and the event site is a beautiful 2 hour drive through the Columbia River Gorge and Klickitat River Canyon from Porltland.

Can Minors attend?

Yes and all minors must be accompanied by a legal guardian. There are parts of the event that will not be available to minors and legal guardians are responsible for insuring minors do not participate in these. Children under 5 attend for free. Children ages 6-14 attend for 50% of adult registration cost.


Read more about nourishment at Surrender here. Please remember to Bring Your Own Bowls, Plates, Cups, and Utensils. We encourage you to bring delicious and nutritious snacks to help keep you energized throughout the EcoSex Convergence. All meals will be vegetarian. If you would like to cook meat, you can do so at your own campsite, if you bring a UL approved campstove.

EcoSex Community Etiquette Agreement and Waiver

At the time of check-in at the event you will be asked to sign both the Ecosex Community Etiquette agreement and the Windward liability waiver. You will have the option of signing a photography waiver as well.

IMG_7564_smallRefunds and Ticket Transference Policy

Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Due to the intimate nature of this event, the name of the ticket holder must match that on the eventbrite ticket. If you decide not to attend after registering, please know that your contribution to the Windward Sustainability Center and Living Love Revolution is appreciated.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, preferences or lifestyle. Due to the nature of this event, we retain the right to issue refunds in advance or escort off property anyone who the organizers experience as violating the Community Ethics and Etiquette.

Register for the EcoSex Convergence!


Q: Is there work trade?

A: We are excited about your interest in Surrender and EcoSexuality and we want you to be able to join us in the woods on this June!

We no longer have any work trade available.

We are raising funds for scholarships through our Salons series. If you would like to request a scholarship, please write to us at describing what EcoSexuality means to you and why you want to attend Surrender. We will evaluate these applications on a first come first serve basis.

If you would like to ensure attendance, you can register four paying participants and make sure we know that these people are registering because of YOU. We will then consider you as registered.

So this could translate into 5 friends coming together and splitting the costs of 4 tickets. It could mean you convincing four strangers that this is the event of the year and they don’t want to miss it because you’ll be there. Choose your tactic, but make sure we know who is registering because of your wonderful self.

We are looking forward to seeing you in the woods!

Q: What’s pathwork?

A: Pathwork is an opportunity to connect with a small group (approximately 25 people per path) of individuals around a theme or project related to ecosexuality. Path groups will meet for a few hours each day and will be led by 3 co-facilitators who embody complimentary skills and experiences. Pathwork is designed to be an initiatory experience. Participants often indicate that their pathwork was a formative part of their experience at the EcoSex Convergence.

Q: Is this an orgy in the woods?

A: No…AND if you so desire an orgy in the woods we invite you to find consenting individuals with whom you can co-create this experience. The EcoSex Convergence strives to create a safe container for a diversity of participants to come together in a shared love for this living Earth and to express their authentic sexual selves in a manner that is consensual, respectful & compassionate towards the trauma all too many of us have endured growing up in a sex-negative culture. A variety of intimacy-building activities will be facilitated by the event organizers, including cuddles, dancing & drumming, massage circles and an erotic temple.  There is 20 acres of forest dedicated for outdoor, holistic, erotic expression and we invite you to use this beautiful forest to create the consensual experiences that you desire.

For more details please read the Community Etiquette and Ethics.

Q: Do I have to wear clothing/Will there be a bunch of naked people running around?

A: The EcoSex Convergence is a body-positive event, and encourages participants to reclaim the beauty and power we each hold in our bodies. And it is also an event that acknowledges that the history of sexual trauma is pervasive. In the main event spaces, clothing is optional while genitals must remain covered. In the 20 acres of Lilith’s Forest, full nudity is welcome.  For more details, please read the Community Etiquette and Ethics.

Q: So, what really happens at the EcoSex Convergence?

A: Truth in advertizing… The organizers of this event are a group of Earth-loving, sex-positive and body-positive individuals who want to create community – based on an ethic of love – that centers around developing a holistic, regenerative relationship with the Earth and the ecosystems we call home. We believe that healing and celebrating our bodies, our pleasure and our sexuality are essential to restoring a healthy relationship with Earth. We also believe that listening closely to the land, observing natural processes and developing a personal relationship with Life itself is essential to cultivating the skills and knowledge necessary to hep us transition to a sustainable and love-based culture. The program outlined in the schedule (workshops, pathwork, group ceremonies and evening activities) offered at the EcoSex Convergence grows out of these beliefs and lived life-experiences. Everything else is up to you to co-create with those who also feel drawn towards this vision.

Q: Even though we are parking off-site, will we be able to use our car to unload our things?

A: Yes, you will be permitted to drive to your campsite during registration hours to unload your equipment. However, in an effort to reduce ecological impact and maintain a feeling of serenity, we want to keep the event grounds free of participant vehicles for the remainder of the weekend.

Q: Will water be available? Will electricity be available?

The Windward campground is primitive, contrasting to many “improved” campgrounds found in state parks and forests. There is well water available from spigots, vault-toilets (a kind of out-house), and four hot water showers, but the campground is mostly forest. Electricity will be publicly available for medical purposes only, so either keep your phone off to save batteries, bring a solar charger, or charge your electronics in your car. In short, please be prepared for a rustic weekend in the woods!

Q: Do we get to choose where we camp?

A: Yes, you may choose where you camp.

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: No, we cannot have any pets, due to the free-range sheep/chicken/ducks/pigs/goats already living on the land.

Q: Will be there be access to electricity?

A: If access to electricity for medical purposes is necessary, such as for a CPAP machine, please let us know in advance and we will make accommodations.

Q: What about specific mobility needs/impairment?
A: If you have questions/specific needs, please contact us.