Nourishment at the EcoSex Convergence

All Surrender entrance tickets include home-made, vegetarian meals (from Wednesday dinner to Sunday lunch). These meals are intended to provide healthy nourishment from locally grown foods and to encourage community-building and networking throughout the weekend. All the meals will be lovingly (maybe even orgasmically) prepared by the Hearth Keepers. Transformation and sharing in the sensual prayer of life can consume a lot of energy, so please bring supplemental snacks to nourish yourself throughout the weekend.

Remember to bring your own plate, bowl, cup and utensils!

IMG_8756Food Philosophy

We see food and nourishment as an intimate and sacred part of our lives and a necessary part of our relationship to our beloved Earth and our human community. We also understand that several ecological and physiological factors inform how each of us chooses to relate to this sacred process of nourishment.

In providing nourishment for all you lovely Ecosexuals at Surrender, we are placing a high priority on incorporating the following into the process:

  • orgasmically made
  • minimally processed (i.e., whole, fresh ingredients)
  • locally grown
  • organically grown

All main dishes will be nutritionally balanced and vegan, many will be gluten free. Dairy and eggs will be available on the side and as part of side-dishes. We will do our best to meet the variety of food preferences and allergies of those attending. However, please recognize that it is unlikely that we will be able to fully meet everyone’s distinct needs. To help us do do what we can, we ask a series of food-related questions during the registration process.

We have given a lot of thought to how to nourish the varied diets of ecosexuals and embody our love for the Earth and each other as best as we can in a holistic and inclusive manner. We are encouraging the development of a personal relationship with food that expands beyond organic or singular labels that define food as good or bad.  We offer here some writings by Surrender co-creator Lindsay Hagamen and Hearth Coordinator Katessa Harkey as some food for thought on this important topic.

Sacred Violence of Eating by Lindsay Hagamen

Towards a Right Relationship with Food by Katessa Harkey


Check out last year’s menu here: Surrender Menu 2016.


IMG_8752Bring Your Own

Please bring all your own reusable plates, bowls, utensils, cups, and mugs. We want to minimize the creation of trash.

We also encourage you to bring delicious and nutritious snacks to energize you throughout the weekend. Additionally, if you know you have particularly restrictive diet, please be sure to bring foods you know you can eat.

If you are wanting to cook meat, you are welcome to do so at your own camp-site on your own camp stove.


The meal plan is included in the price of the entrance ticket.  This includes:IMG_8741

  • Wednesday dinner
  • Thursday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Sunday breakfast and lunch

Tea House

We will be providing hot water and cool water at the Tea House throughout the event. So bring your favorite teas, coffees and beverages.






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