Path of Mystery Co-Leaders

Step into the unknown. It is Imbolc, the evening between Jan 31st & Feb 1st as we write this path description. In reconstructed Celtic spirituality this time is a High Holy day known as “the Quickening”, a time when the soul of the agricultural new year erupts form the soil and makes itself known. It is a time when spirit descends and takes up residence in the material world. As we prepare to open registration for this event, we realized there was spaciousness and a sense of “not knowing” what this path should become or who would step forward to lead it. Rather than rush to quickly fill an empty space, we have decided to hold this space open to see what other path working wants to arrive here. And so the path of Mystery is born.

As the people who feel called to join this path assemble, and it’s shape and form coalesce we will update the description given here. Those who feel comfortable with mystery and the unknown are welcome to register for this path.