What to Expect

So, What is Surrender:The EcoSex Convergence?

Surrender is a 5 day camping event in the forests of southern Washington State that brings together EcoSexuals to connect, celebrate, learn, and create.pathwork2

Surrender engages participants in body, mind, and spirit.  There are opportunities to explore connection with oneself, each other, and the Earth at many levels of intimacy. A strong container is held to facilitate connecting with and healing the erotic energy that moves through each of us and all of life. All the while building the tangible skills needed to help make the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Participants are guided through this long weekend by small group pathwork and large group rituals, as we help each other stay grounded on a path towards personal transformation, community connection, and creating an EcoSexual world.

Guided meditation, nature walks or yoga are offered each morning to prepare us for the day. Daily pathwork helps us cultivate and explore different aspects of ecosexuality while we connect with each other and the land.

IMG_0905Afternoons are full of open spaciousness to explore and relax, make music and art, commune with one another and the land. Workshops facilitated by regional EcoSexual educators help participants to broaden and deepen the experience of oneself, one’s relationships and this orgasmic Earth.

Community meals, prepared from local, organic foods, help us stay connected to one another and our regional ecosystems.

In the evenings, we integrate all we learn and experience during the day into our bodies, our flesh and our bone. Drum beats, dance and song form the foundation of the large group rituals in which we celebrate our bodies as temples and the sacredness of our earthly home.

Following ritual, there are further opportunities for integration and celebration through ecstatic dance, cuddling, massage circles, live music and sacred sexual experiences.


Together, we are building community by sharing food, creating a gift economy, cultivating skills and facilitating healing. We are creating a safe container for personal expression by following these community Etiquette and Ethics guidelines.

Each participant can shape their own Surrender. There is a schedule of events, but there is also opportunity to create the individual experience that is most inspiring, connecting, and healing for you.

Join us as we surrender:

headshot1to the powerful presence of the forest at the height of the summer sun;

to our desire to come home to our own bodies and to the body of the Earth;
to the erotic life force coursing through our bodies, connecting us to Self, each other and All That Is;
to experiencing the rawness and realness of Nature;
to our range of emotions about environmental, economic and social collapse;
to the felt sense of connection that resides within us, around us, and between us;
to the teachings the Earth and the Wild have to offer;
to our experience of pleasure and to the Divine essence in our souls;
to being in loving partnership with Life itself.
Will you Surrender with us?