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Surrender Story: Mary Mermaidia

WOW WOW WOW! Surrender 2015 was the most amazing 6 days! I thought I was going to a camp-out. It was so much more… a life experience I will NEVER forget. I felt such growth within myself through my daily

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Surrender Profile: Osprey Melissa Huffsmith

This post is our first in a series intended to give Convergence newcomers a chance to feel more deeply into the inner workings of Surrender. We are kicking things off with a reflection by Osprey Melissa Huffsmith—a shamanic practitioner, dancer, and musician offering their talents this

“What the… ?!” – A Primer on Ecosexuality

By Katie Vincent When Ecosexuals share their identity with the world, the response is often somewhere along the spectrum of blank stares and raised eyebrows to drool and hungry eyes. Some even surmise you avoid humans altogether and instead go about humping