Welcoming and Beautification Team

Welcoming Team

2013 0529 Opalyn & Piglet 3x5Born in Alaska, Opalyn Brenger, On-Site Registrar Coordinator, grew up in Washington State where water in its many forms has inspired, rejuvenated, and healed her throughout her many journeys. After being in the military and then studying hydrology and geology at Evergreen, Opalyn now invests her energy in stewarding land and community. A resident of the Windward community for the past six years, Opalyn tends to rabbits, milks goats, and massages the wool of Windward’s sheep into yarn ready for the hands of weavers. Whether it’s wielding a welding gun, creating concrete forms, or fixing a transmission, Opalyn immerses herself in the joys of building a life from the ground up.


haverkamp_compressedAndy Haverkamp, On-Site Registrar, is a positive minded environmentally motivated genderqueer graduate student and a developing engineering professional. With a love for all of Earth’s creation and the people who tend to it, they try to incorporate social justice and water consciousness into all they do. Other loves include creating bluegrass and punk music, building community, tending to the self through exercise, advocating for a non-binary, self-directed, and fluid embodiment of gender and sexuality for all humans, and small acts of everyday activism. There is a world possible where nonviolence and radical acceptance dominates, and they try to embody those ideals. Andy is originally from Kansas and has fallen head over heels for the ecological diversity and geological grandeur of the Pacific Northwest.


Emily'sBioPicEmily Boyer, Community Love Offering Coordinator, is an exuberant butterfly learning to ground herself in between migration seasons. After cocooning in SE Portland for her upbringing, she graduated from Oregon State University, where she metamorphosed, unfolding her wings through her studies of communication, experiences in leadership and event coordinating. She gained a greater appreciation for her own life and acknowledged privilege by embarking on international adventures in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Cuba, where she further developed her Spanish bilingualism, love for 100+ degree weather, and Latin American culture.

When Emily fluttered to Windward as an apprentice in 2015, she found deep love and connection with the land-based, life-supporting community, resonating strongly with the mission of treating Earth as lover. Living at Windward has taught Emily to better identify and voice her desires and emotions. She endeavors to become more physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually, and sensually aware in each moment, growing for herself so she may pollinate this world with the vibrant love that surrounds us.

Emily loves to dance through life joyfully and wholeheartedly, balancing a wakeful excitement and a lust for life with a peace of heart and a singing spir

Fire in My Eyes - At Teote By SallyAvi Kindle-Fyre, Parking Coordinator, is a rationalist who works (really works hard, at times) to make personal space for the validness of what is mysterious, irrational, and inexplicable. He is a Reiki healer, even though he has doubts whether it’s real. Avi is a Jew who studies Hindu spirituality. He is a dominant who flogs and spanks with love and compassion.

Avi makes a practice of being at peace with the contradictions that are part of a deep, conscious existence. Paradox is his playground.

In his work life, Avi has found great satisfaction in helping organize touch and sex positive events. He’s also a medical informaticist and is developing a health advocacy practice to help people navigate the complexities of the health care system. And one of his favorite pet projects is his first book – a thriller set in Burning Man.

Being in an interracial family for 25 years has taught Avi, among other things, that differences are just as beneficial and valuable as similarities.

And, finally, he believes deep in his heart that, someday, FireFly will rise again!

Beatification Team

IMG_4297Arun Joseph Ragan began his creative journey as a small child by drawing little mythical beasts to be his friends. He spent most of his time exploring the lively ecosystem of his inner world, preferring it to the culture around him. Eventually, as the paths of Art and Magic began to awaken him to a sense of purpose, Arun found that every work of luminous craft could weave this inner psychic world with the larger world that we all share. Creativity was revealed to be a way to connect with and transform the mundane into the sacred rather than escape from or avoid it.

For twelve years he has been decorating temple spaces, stages, camps, gatherings and healing rooms with ornamented banners and vestments. These are screen printed with glyphs and images inspired by the divine forces that animate the living world, whether as ancient archetypes or visions of the emerging Aeon. Along with printing and design, Arun teaches mask making for ritual processions, shares invocations through voice and dance, and frolics as one of the Lovers
of Pan. He lives in Portland when not orbiting through Cascadia and beyond while taking part in gatherings and festivals.

His work may be found at The Aruniverse on Etsy.com or The Aruniverse on Facebook.

AJansen path photoAndrew Jansen is a ripe human being in training.  A lover of the sacred earth, he has devoted his energies to finding and learning the skills of living in right relation to the land and her many inhabitants.  Growing up in the rich watershed of the Skagit River he was constantly surrounded by natural wonders and has continued to live in awe of the awesome beauty that surrounds us.  After years of learning focused on sustainability of the material realm through permaculture, organic farming, and ancestral skills, Andrew came to realize that emotional sustainability is paramount to the continued success of any endeavor and that the healing of emotional trauma in the tenders of the land is just as important as the regeneration of the land itself.  Enter EcoSex.  Since attending Surrender for the first time in 2014 Andrew has focused on learning more about the intricacies of the human psyche and how to nurture healthy humans through ecosomatics, peer counseling, sexual empowerment, nature connection, plant medicines, nutrition, and magickal practice.




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