Relationship Anarchy Co-Leaders


Amanda Rose is a Portland based anthropologist, sex positive educator, facilitator, activist, bona fide sex geek, and mother of three. She possesses a relentless passion for actively co-creating fundamental and lasting cultural evolution. As an identified queer and relationship anarchist she is deeply dedicated to the removal of the conditioned shame and stigma that currently surrounds human sexuality and relationships. Her belief in the power and transformational healing qualities of genuine heart felt touch and authentic sexual connection guides and gives focus to her work. Several years ago she became involved with Sex Positive Portland (SPP) where she has volunteered her talent and intellect as a community leader and event organizer. Amanda’s mission throughout her time with SPP has been to discover, co-create, and refine the solid community practices necessary to manifest an intersectional, inclusive, conscious community into reality. To this end she has participated in, organized, and facilitated well over a hundred events. The offerings she has facilitated range from touch positive snuggles and play parties, to education based events such as consent and boundary classes, safer sex talks, panel discussions for ethical non-monogamy and original curriculum based on anthropologic discourse on topics such as jealousy, relationship anarchy and historic connections to our world views. This diverse range of experience has cultivated within her an understanding of the need for approaches that balance pragmatic application with powerful personal expressions. A self proclaimed witch and skeptic, Amanda blends her scientific understanding of cultural conditioning with a priestesses intuition and moves to serve the community in dismantling outmoded, internalized narratives in favor of authentic personal and relational experiences.

Stephanie Osmon is a free spirited, lover of life, who spent her young adult years on an inner journey to smash through the confining walls of shame and cultural conditioning. She lives a life that is continuing to grow more deeply connected to the earth and to the vibrations of energy that permeate everything. As a four year member of Sex Positive Portland, Stephanie has practiced consent and boundaries techniques, as well as honing open, honest, and heart felt communication skills. All of these things have aided her greatly as she practices non-hierarchical polyamory. This means to her, that although strikingly different, every romantic relationship she has is equally important and garners the same level of care. Stephanie, is a mother of one and is currently earning a degree in environmental studies and international development. The passion she carries for life, learning, love, and growth, guides her as she flies freely, but consciously through her adventurous and authentic existence. She is engaged, open, and eager to share in the pursuit of knowledge and human connection.

thumbnail_IMG_1641Jacob Holder has been part of the Sex Positive community in Portland for about 3 years. He is the Membership Coordinator for Sex Positive Portland and has worked with Amanda Rose for a little over 5 years on creating community. His path has led him through and into a deep understanding of openness, relatedness and deep reflection within himself.
Jake has been in a open relationship with a relationship anarchist and a fierce feminist. He has an open minded view on how relationships should be structured. He identifies himself as a bisexual, queer, open-minded romantic, who chooses to live in a mostly monogamous relationship with his partner. Jake first identified as a gay male in his late teens and throughout his early 20’s. As he got older, he started to realize that his hard line gay orientation wasn’t truly what his heart and mind desired. He later began to identify as bi-sexual/queer. In order to further the cultural changes and support the movement of mindful living, Jake chooses to earn a living in the tech industry and provide support for the people in his life who are actively working to create a more authentic, loving and sustainable world.

Brook is a 33 year old food and beverage industry professional who finds meaning and purpose from a life oriented toward service. A seeker of wisdom and explorer of the edges of cultural narrative, he seeks to live life along a path less traveled. An ordained reverend, Brook had played a crucial role in both beginning and end of life gatherings for various communities. He seeks to balance veracity for life and experience with the rooted stability of home and family. He believes there is a freedom to reclaim within the intersection of relationship, identity, and sexuality that lends itself to the unbridled expression of an authentic life. Life as Art is a guiding maxim of his intention as he manifests in this world.