Earthbound Co-leaders


bio_dylan_photoDylan Wilder Quinn (they/he pronouns) is the founder of Wildly Healed, an organization that seeks to create a platform of systemic liberation with a lens of healing our individual and collective traumas through connection, spirituality, pleasure, and political change. When he’s not being tied up and dominated by the Earth and his other lovers, he spends his time as an anti-racist and trans organizer. Dylan is a working class-encultured, trans nonbinary white person. They facilitate trans and gender education workshops, white culture workshops, sensual and pleasure parties, read tarot, and collectivize with people who know that another world is possible.



Rob Reed (they/them pronouns) exists in the liminal places, spending their days holding space at the crossroads where life is raw and real. Their midwife hands welcome new people out into the world. Rob’s passions lie in bringing consent and embodiment from a radical, intersectional, trauma-informed perspective to all of their interRobReedactions, from the clinic room to the dance floor to their relationships with other humans and with Lover Earth. With over a decade of experience working in activism, largely for queer and trans rights, support for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and anti-racism work, they deeply know the healing power of relationships and work to dismantle the sexual shame that prevents genuine connections between people and within oneself. Rob views their calling to bring healing into the world by first of all embodying wholeness and authenticity and engaging in vulnerable, open-hearted relationships within which there is space to allow anything that wants attention be witnessed and released. As a nonbinary trans human, they are passionate about creating safer spaces for queer and trans folks, especially in healthcare. They live in Seattle, where they alternate their time between catching babies, moving on the ecstatic dance floor, connecting with other radical activists, and appreciating the magnificence of the world around them (often through their camera lens).