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a us togetherDavida Yonekawa Bundren is an alien, fairy, god and sometimes human. He is a musician, foodie and cannabis entrepreneur, husband, dad and business partner in multiple ventures that facilitate healing including teaching tantra and sex with his Beloved / Wife. Davida has worked, first in the sex industry itself and for the past years in helping guide others to deeper unity, self pleasure, expanding techniques and healing. He is a student of tantra, kundalini yoga, Indian classical music and communication. A former IT professional, he highly values his life which is intentionally sustained by Food, Music and Sex in Joy, Abundance and Ease.

Tressa Yonekawa Bundren, M.S. Ed. is a strange student of the interweaving of all things. She walks in many worlds as a certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, lifelong psychic medium and student of tantra (interweaving). Her degrees are in Communication Disorders and she works as a consultant for mindful leadership and ecosystem creation. She also works globally as a psychic, healer, spiritual entrepreneur coach and as a retreat facilitator on topics including Goddess work, sex, yoga, mindful corporate leadership, finding your muse, creating abundance andĀ stepping in to our highest power. She first learned the art and passion of Domina 25 years ago after being turned down for a bank loan. As well as being a natural sensual domme, she wanted to learn the deep communication of life and business. She continues to learn about tantra and began teaching 10 years ago. Find out more at