Consent Team

CareyFrenchCarey French is a poet and a promise and an exploration. She dances her dreams of conscious community in circles radiating from the center. She thinks boundaries are sexy. She wants to facilitate freedom and safety for a resilient collective future!

Carey has studied group facilitation for over 6 years and continues to study education at the University of Washington where she hopes to help develop curriculum for holistic sex education at every age level. She also facilitates workshops for the ecstatic and fusion partner dance communities in Seattle about negotiating boundaries and consent on the dance floor, and dances up a storm while she’s at it!

Carey’s work is grounded in inquiry, integrity, playfulness, and reflection. In a supportive container to step close to our edges, we can discard the old stories we’ve been taught by the dying culture… and instead practice new skills to come into alignment with our authentic desires and needs!

garlandGarland Jarmon






Sar - Purple - StandingSar Surmick brought the Consent Academy together in 2016 as a way to advance consent education in Seattle and across the world. With a strong belief that consent creates a backbone for safe and productive interactions, Sar has worked with the FSPC, NCSF, Camp Ten Trees, and a variety of other organizations to promote and educate about consent. When not directing the Academy, Sar works as a Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in Identity, an Educator, and a writer.



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