EcoSexual Community & Economy

“It is time for us to take off our masks…and admit we are lovers, engaged in an erotics of place. Loving the land. Honoring its mysteries. Acknowledging, embracing the spirit of place—there is nothing more legitimate and there is nothing more true. That is why we are here. That is why we do what we do. There is nothing intellectual about it. We love the land. It is a primal affair.”
— Terry Tempest Williams, The Erotics of Place: Yellowstone

_MG_9842Creating resilient, loving community is an essential part of the vision for the EcoSex Convergence. We design the Convergence with the intention of supporting the development of bio-regional community — based on shared values and common goals — that is able to transition to a sustainable, love-based culture and a working gift economy.

This whole sustainability thing…this whole loving the land thing…this whole community thing…is something that we are deeply passionate about.

We believe that ecosexuality, with its guiding mythologies, earth-based & embodied lifestyle, creative expression, and focus on pleasure as a path towards sustainability — plays a key role in this cultural transition. The Convergence serves as a nexus for this emerging community to make connections, grow relationships, deepen understandings, inspire new projects and create a cauldron for healing and transformation that can serve the participants throughout the year as we ever more transition towards a culture profoundly in love with Life itself.

Come join us on the Summer Solstice and all year round as we create ecosexual community. Are you ready to take off your mask, expose your love and allow it to inspire? We are waiting to welcome you home.

Creating an Ecosexual Gift Economy

IMG_7382_smallWe believe that creating a working gift economy is an essential part of creating a resilient, bio-regional ecosexual community.

We are using the EcoSex Convergence as an opportunity to experiment with and learn what this could look and feel like here in Cascadia. So the EcoSex Convergence is not just another festival — we want to support each other as we transition away from the consumer culture and towards a culture where we can meet our core needs from this beautiful Earth together!

An ecosexual economy is one that is based on respect for Life, sovereignty and consent — an economy where people choose to come together and collaborate, with joy and pleasure.

The Economics of the EcoSex Convergence

The Convergence is coordinated by a team of volunteers, and any funds generated from the event are donated to two non-profit organizations dedicated to creating regional and land-based community year round, the Windward Education and Research Center and Living Love Revolution.

All the volunteer organizers pay for their food, including the co-creators Teri Ciacchi and Lindsay Hagamen. We have chosen not to offer presenters honorariums, and instead try to create win-wins in other ways that provide benefit for the individuals and the greater community. We are dedicated to creating a culture of reciprocity and creating value and using  human connection to provide for our needs of love and belonging.  commons2

The Village Commons

The Village Commons is home to the Tea House, Healing Oasis, Creation Station, Clothing Exchange, couches, a central fire and booths where members of the community offer their original art, books, medicines, crafts and more.

Its ecosexy to support members of the community who are creating and producing their own products!! Vendors may be open to sale with $$ or gift exchange.

 How Can You Contribute?

headshot5We encourage participants to use Surrender to create a gift economy that infuses everyday actions with an understanding of the sacredness of human connection: trading help with camp set-up for back massages, exchanging home-grown produce for hand-crafted art. The possibilities are limited only by our creativity.

Your Surrender experience will be guided by Ritual and Path Leaders, safe space will be created by Guardians, nourishing food will be provided by the Hearth Team, leaders in the EcoSexual movement will be expanding your embodied experience through workshops, stewards of the land will be tending to our beloved. Please consider bringing home-made, or home-grown gifts to offer to those whose work you appreciate or to those who particularly touch you during Surrender.


What Does Ecosexuality Have to do with Economics?

Did you know that economy means stewarding our home?

The word comes from the Greek words oikos, which means home or household and, nomoswhich translates into steward or manager. Ecosexuality asks us to steward the home of  1) our personal body 2) our community and 3) the Earth.

We cannot do this alone. Tending to our community and earthly homes are inherently a collective endeavour, and often we even need support in stewarding our own body’s ecosystems. So let us use joy and pleasure to bring ourselves together to create and provide, tend and protect these homes that we so deeply value.

Embodying the poetics, Surrender‘s sponsoring organizations — Windward Education & Research Center and Living Love Revolution — are actively developing ecosexual economies. We invite you to join us!

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